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2004-01-02, 08:05 PM
Hey Sub,

have been playing with 007 today. A pretty solid release. Have been able to use scheduled recordings, and my machine wakes up from hibernation to record the program.

I'm switching to GBPVR for all scheduled recordings from now on to really test this out.

Live TV works for about 10 seconds then completely freezes my machine. THis is using VMR9 and the default codec. I have not done anymore investigation into this yet as i need my machine up for a few days:)

Playback for recoded programs works nicely.

One point, if i record a program and delete it through Explorer, its still listed in GBPVR and I cannot remove it (Under recordings option). Might be useful to be able to delete entries in this case or it checks to see if the mpg is there, if missing maybe remove it automatically or prompt to remove it?

Enjoy the nappies and late nights!


2004-01-03, 06:39 AM
When LiveTV locks up for you, can you check whether there is still a growing livetv file in your recordings directory? I want to know if it is the recording or playback that is locking up. Is the lock triggered by anything like changing channels?

I've changed the software so that manually deleting a recording will cause GB-PVR to remove its reference to the file.

I'm already learning about the late nights. I'm pretty much running on empty...

2004-01-03, 04:08 PM
The lock up happened all by itself. On previous versions it only locked up on me when trying to change channel. This time i turned on live tv and about 10 secs later the machine was frozen. Only holding in the power button could reboot the machine.

I'll try later to see if the file is growing or not.

Scheduled recordings is working very well:) So much easier to choose programmes to record now.


2004-01-03, 06:19 PM
You could also zip and email the apifix.log file after it next locks up. This may give me some clues.