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2004-01-07, 07:56 PM
I am a new user of GBPVR. I downloaded Beta008 today and am having problems getting it to show any video. I am running Win2KPro with one PVR-250 board and a MediaMVP. WinTV2000, SageTV and SS BTV3 all work with my configuration just fine. I want to experiment with GBPVR because of the MediaMVP support with Live TV. I live in the US. A few questions:

1. Do you have a installation guide available or something that outlines the general steps to take.
2. Do I need to install WinTVCap in my system. If so, how do I configure it, install it or do I need to change anything in the INI file.
3. Should the GBPVR MediaMVP server work. I am using the mediamvp_1.1.21365.exe off of the shspvr forum. The MediaMVP finds my server using the Hauppauge software but when I use the GBPVR MediaMVP Server, the MediaMVP never gets past the "Contacting MediaMVP BootServer" message. I have a Linksys router in my home network.
4.Do you have any instructions that I can use to setup my EPGDATA.XML file. So far I am just manually adding a few channels during the GBPVR configuration.

Thanks for any help you can give me. I am really looking forward to getting the software to work correctly, especially the MediaMVP client with Live TV.


2004-01-07, 08:26 PM
Hi Bryan,

No sorry, I dont have an installation guide. You'll need to follow you nose. In Config application make sure you fill in all the settings you can. You could try selecting the 'Direct Recording Source' instead of WinTVCap, but if it doesn't work you can find info about downloading and setting up WinTVCap on www.shspvr.com/forum

You should first boot the MVP using the normal Hauppauge software. Leave the MVP powered up, and select the Start->Programs->Hauppauge MediaMVP->Stop icon. Your TV should now be saying 'Contacting Servers'. Now try starting the GBPVR MediaMVP Server.

PS, Dont have too higher expectation for my software. It's still very much a work in progress. In fact, I think you are the first person to actually try my MVP support!

2004-01-07, 08:27 PM

Some answers to your questions:

1. All of the info on how to set up is spread at the moment through the forum - I've asked sub if he wants a quick-start guide developing - if he does I'll put one together tomorrow.

2. You don't need WinTVCap - gbpvr has it's own recorder (direct recording) which can be used instead - I used to use WinTVCap but I've gone over to the direct recording plug-in now and it works fine.

3. From looking elsewhere in the forums you are usng the right version, so I'll have to let sub answer that one..

4. xmltv is a format for broadcasters etc. to provide tv listings information in xml format. You need to find a provider for your area that does this - I live in the UK and get mine from www.ananova.com (they provide one free) - other places use website "scrapers" to generate the xmltv file - the content looks like this:

<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">&#60;programme start=&#34;20040107053000 GMT&#34; stop=&#34;20040107060000 GMT&#34; channel=&#34;42&#34; x-broadcast=&#34;26639858&#34; x-programme=&#34;108706571&#34;&#62;
&#60;title lang=&#34;en&#34;&#62;ITV Morning News&#60;/title&#62;
&#60;category lang=&#34;en&#34; x-code=&#34;2000&#34;&#62;General News/Current Affairs&#60;/category&#62;
&#60;category lang=&#34;en&#34; x-code=&#34;2###&#34;&#62;News/Current Affairs&#60;/category&#62;
&#60;subtitles type=&#34;teletext&#34;&#62;&#60;/subtitles&#62;

Search for xmltv on google for more info.. also the file can be called anything - epgdata.xml is sub&#39;s default.


2004-01-07, 08:33 PM
Hey guys,

Thanks for the replies. I have got to go out for a few hours. I will review your replies in detail when I get back.

Thanks again.


2004-01-07, 08:49 PM
Hey Bryan,

A good program to get XMLTV Automate (http://myhtpc.net/pub/Tools/XMLTV-Automate/). This will help you get an XMLTV tv guide listing. Its pretty easy to setup and use. Just tell it what country you are in and it will prompt you for a few things, like zip code, what signal you are using, etc. Any problems i can generate on fo you to get you started, then we can get your xmltv stuff up and running.

I can send you a wintvcap.ini file if you need to go down that route. I still use it with GBPVR as I have not got around to switching over yet.


2004-01-07, 10:35 PM
If you just want to see TV, and are not interested in viewing TV listings or scheduling recordings, you can add a Capture Source and manually add the channels you have. (or if setting up XMLTV seems daunting)

You can do this with the &#39;Add&#39; button under the list of channels.

2004-01-08, 12:54 AM
I tried the MediaMVP per your instructions,

(You should first boot the MVP using the normal Hauppauge software. Leave the MVP powered up, and select the Start-&gt;Programs-&gt;Hauppauge MediaMVP-&gt;Stop icon. Your TV should now be saying &#39;Contacting Servers&#39;. Now try starting the GBPVR MediaMVP Server.)

and the MediaMVP just says &quot;Contacting Servers&quot;, never finding one.

Would you like for me to try something?


2004-01-08, 01:58 AM
I tried to start the GBPVR MediaMVP Server the second time, but it still could not find a server. My network consists of 3 PCs and the MediaMVP hardwired to a Linksys router. Everything is default on the router. You said something about allowing GBPVR access to the network. I don&#39;t know what you mean. Right now I&#39;m hooking up a direct connect (crossover cable) between the GBPVR PC and the MediaMVP. I&#39;ll let you know what happens.


2004-01-08, 02:15 AM
What I meant by my comment, is that if you are running any firewall software that is stopping GBPVR from communicating with the Media MVP - then you should disable. I only mentioned this because I run a software firewall that sometimes gets in the way.

When do try it, make sure you email me the C:&#92;dev&#92;GBPVR&#92;GBPVR&#92;bin&#92;Debug&#92;GBPVR.exe.log.

2004-01-08, 02:33 AM
The exact same thing happened with the MediaMVP and PC directly connected. The log was sent to your email.