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2004-01-07, 11:51 PM
When I try to play an mpeg recorded from my pvr, or even that black.mpg you include with the software I always get an error. First i get a dialog box titled "Error!" with the caption "An invalid alignment was specified" then I get a second box titled "Info" labeled "RenderFileToVMR9 failed" any idea whats going on? The bizarre thing is that playing a different MPEG file.

Also I'd like to know why the OSD is ultra pixilated (text/ images)when playing a file. I have a screenshot, unfortunately no where to upload it to


2004-01-08, 12:50 AM
If you have a small'ish video clip that causes this "Error!" can you make it available to me somehow? Do you have access to a website I could download it from?

2004-02-11, 10:44 AM
I have the same error. (first: allignment error; then "RenderFileToVMR7 failed" (VMR 7 is the only setting that works on my pc!?))
The errors appear when using the "default system decoder" and using the "cyberlink decoder". When I use the Hauppauge decoder; it works fine! (these are all the decoders I can choose)

This is the first time I tried GB-PVR (version 12a)
I read about it in the dutch Hauppauge forum, and I must say: It looks great and the controls and settings are very easy and understandable!
Specialy the possibility of choosing your own decoder is a great feature. (I want to get rid off the Hauppauge decoder and want to use the Cyberlink decoder, because of the superior image quality (no more deinterlace effects, because of the use of "video hardware acceleration" (dxva; hcwm))

I,ve tried only the player part so far, but I can't get the Cyberlink decoder to work. (you can download a testfile here (http://www.junkyard-dogs.blues.org.au/temp\testfile.mpg)

Also I can't find the "play fullscreen" option?
Further; there should be more controls (for example: step frame forward/backward; more forward/backward play speeds (with indication of the speed) and so on))

Also the's a bug in the player: the first time you play something, it works fine. When you want to play something else (or the same file again), the player starts playing, but there's no view in the window. (you see only the menu). When you minimalize the window, and then bring it to the foreground again, you'll see the video like it should.

Off course GB-PVR is in devellopment, and I,m sure you'll improve the software.
I must say: this is the most prommissing PVR software, that I've seen so far!
Keep up the good work!


2004-02-11, 03:35 PM
Not all MPEG decoder support VMR. You might want to try the VMR7 and Overlay options to see if it makes a difference.

More playback controls are coming, not in the next release - but should be in the one after that.

Uncheck 'show in windowed mode' in the config to get it showing in fullscreen.

2004-02-12, 12:01 PM
I only get the Hauppauge decoder to work. (only with the VMR7 setting (this is strange because the setting in the Hauppauge "primary tool" is: "allow overlay". However, I've tried all settings in the "primay tool", and it seems to make no difference))

When I try the Cyberlink decoder (or default system decoder) with VMR7 setting, I get the errors I,ve mentioned before. (seperate error windows)

When I try the Cyberlink decoder (or default system decoder)with the "use overlay manager" setting, I get the following error within GB-PVR (see the image below).


Does anyone know what the problem is?

(ps Cyberlinks PowerDVD itself works fine.)

2004-02-12, 12:42 PM
I think to get overlay working with version .10 (and prehaps later) you need to register the ovtool by using the

regsvr32 ovtool.dll

command (from a dos prompt) in the GBPVR directory.

I get the same problem with all decoders (Cyberlink, ATI and NVDVD) when trying to use the VMR rendering, and i'm not sure why. I know that the filters may not support VMR, but i'm pretty certain they do. No really a showstopper at the moment though - the rest of the software is coming along very nicely.


2004-02-13, 10:38 AM
Registrating the ovtool.dll did work partialy. (shouldn't this be done automaticly while installing the software?)

Now I get an image on screen. But when the control buttons appear, the rest of the screen turns black. Also the control buttons don't work.
When the control buttons dissapear, it shows the video again.

Further the "use hardware accelerator" setting in the Cyberlink decoder doesn't work. (this was the most important option for me, because of the superior image you get! (no deinterlace effects) Without this option working, GB-PVR is missing a very important quality player! (for me PowerDVD is the only player that satisfy me!)(I believe that WinDVD is also capable to show a good image, but I've never tried it)

2004-02-13, 11:10 AM
It is/was done in the installation - something went a bit awry with it though. Still, only needs to be done once and its done.

SUB has stated that overlay is still a bit shakey. I use the hauppauge decoders under VMR9 for this very reason. When i can, i will go back to my ATI decoders, but as this is beta i can forgive this problem for now http://gbpvr.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif


2004-02-13, 03:57 PM
rvesch, yes something was broken with installation that mean these files weren't always registered. It'll be corrected in the next release.

On the Cyberlink decoder - my lounge PC is a Via ME6000 mini-itx (equiv of about 300mhz celeron). I use the Cyberlink drivers because this hardware is so slow I wouldnt be able to playback mpeg video with the assistance of the builtin dvxa etc. Cyberlink definitly works with Overlay Manager on this device. The machine is a little slow, so it can be jerky when OSD graphics are shown over video but I definitly see video.

I'm not sure what is causing the problem you are seeing, but there has been some improvements in the Overlay support for next release. I'm not sure if it will fix your problem, but the text will definitly be easier to read!

2004-02-17, 09:46 PM

Maybe some usefull information for you:

The not working "video hardware acceleration" (dxva) using the Cyberlink decoder, is also not working within Windows Mediaplayer! (in the old Mediaplayer 6.4 (still in Windows XP), one can change this setting also, but it has no effect either).
It only works with with PowerDVD itself. (installed version 4.0).

Recently I installed a trial version of NVDVD 2.55 (Nvidia). This program also comes with a "dxva" capable decoder.
When I select this decoder within GB-PVR, the "dxva" works!
However the image is very shaky! (using NVDVD, the image is good!)
With this decoder, I also can only use the "overlay manager" setting, while I'm 100% sure that this decoder is capable of using the "VMR" setting. (setting can be done within NVDVD, and works!)(using VMR in GB-PVR gives the same errors as mentioned in the beginning of this topic)

The problem of the black screen while the control buttons appear, is still present. Also the control buttons don't work.

I hope that this is usefull information for you, and that it helps you solve these bugs.

Looking forward to the new release. (think it's gonna be a great program!!)

2004-02-21, 12:44 PM

After installing PowerDVD 5, the "video hardware acceleration" setting now works in Windows Mediaplayer! So I asume that it works in GB-PVR also.

2004-02-21, 03:45 PM
Yes, PowerDVD 5 'video hardware acceleration' works here. PowerDVD 4 didn't.