View Full Version : Failed to locate configured DBA capture device

2006-01-07, 04:59 AM
I'm using two tuners on my system: Hauppage PVR150 and Fusion HDTV5 Lite. I have just installed the fusion lite and everything is working fine with regrads to the fusion lite's software. I went into Config and setup another account with Zap2it (as instructed from one of the posting in this forum, thanks for the info :) ) for the HDTV channels and updated the EPG. That went well too.

However, I got this error message (Failed to locate configured DBA capture device) when I tried to watch the HDTV channels in Live TV on GBPVR. I also tried recording shows from the HDTV channels but to no success. I'm using the ZULU DBA as my playback decoder, DVR-MS as my mux, and viewing it in live preview mode.

I really like using GBPVR and it is really frustrating that I can not watch HDTV channels in GBPVR. HELP!! Thanks in advnace!