View Full Version : GB-PVR forcing suspend mode after 5 min.?

2004-03-24, 02:11 PM

I have GB-PVR 0.14 installed, but don't use it currently. My computer goes to suspend mode after 5 minutes regardless what I configured in the control panel.

So my question: Does GB-PVR force the computer to enter the suspend mode?


2004-03-24, 04:01 PM
OK, I've found out that it was not GB-PVR, but most likely BeyondTV 3.4. Another HTPC software I had installed, but never used. Sorry...

[Edit] BeyondTV also didn't cause the trouble. It was a Compaq Network Card that caused the computer to enter suspend mode. Funnily enogh, it had no power management options in the device manager. I replaced it with a cheap Realtek network card and everythings fine now...