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2004-01-06, 03:19 PM
Indeed, I had forgotten to install .net framework. Now it works.
-I do have sound in LiveTV
-Pause works great!!
-Manual recording works, whether the system wakes up I don't know. Also, I still have an issue with standby and the pvr350. (I'm not very interested in the EPG)

There are of course some issues/bugs:
-After several channel switches, there is no sound anymore; *also after playing a file.
-Yesterday, while in pause mode, playing the delayed file, I skipped backwards ==> the main menu appeared.
-In the recordings window, clicking (with the remote) on an available recording gives an error message (msg=0x100). OK on the remote dismisses that message and I can go back to the main menu. However, if I click the message away with the mouse results in reappearing of error messages... The remote doesn't help then.
-When playing a file, the first press on ffwd does nothing. The second press makes the movie ffwd. Play resumes normal playback.
-When playing a file the last few seconds are ignored. As far as I know this also happens with wintv2000, but not in windows media player.
-What happens with the livetv.mpg files?
-Stop for music doesn't work (was known)
-Skip to next/previous song from gbpvr would be nice; so would be volume control.

Still some testing to do (music playback etc...)

Greetings and success!
MaBo - who thinks gbpvr is better usable than wintv2000 ;-)

2004-01-06, 04:40 PM
I have the same problem with ffwd.


2004-01-06, 04:40 PM
MaBo got an early look at this one because of a specific problem he mentioned in a previous post.

I'll be releasing the proper v008 release later today. It addresses some of the problems you have mentioned aboved: Pause, Play, Stop, Skip Fwd, Skip Back now working correctly for music (and playlists). This was implemented for v008, but wasn't working properly due a silly mistake.

There seems to be a problem with the Hauppauge drivers that reports video playback is complete about a second (or two) before the end of the video. I'm not quite sure what to do about this. I may have a work around for the next release.

I'll look again into the missing sound. Was this using a PVR350 on a TV? or software playback on your monitor?

2004-01-07, 07:42 AM
Looking forward to the 008 release...
About the early stopping of playback: I now added your black.mpg file after each movie I create/record and that works fine. I have to do some cutting and joining anyway..

The sound was missing using tv-out of the pvr350. I didn't check whether playback on the monitor worked.


2004-01-07, 11:28 AM

I'm curious as to why the hauppauge drivers are cutting short the playback of a file. Is it a timing issue due to the buffering? ie. are you in the middle of playing the last chunk and the driver signals EOF causing playback to stop?

If the buffer is a known size in time t can you keep playing for time t once this signal is received or is it completely outside of your control?

Are there any docs/api explanations for the drivers or are you having to work this out yourself?

Sorry for all the questions,


2004-01-07, 05:01 PM
I suspect they're reading the last block at the end of the file, and signalling the end of playback - when infact they still have the block they just read to play. They read 200k bytes for each block, which equates to about a seconds or two. Sounds about right.