View Full Version : Anyone tried PVR350 TV out?

2003-11-18, 07:12 PM
I'm just curious, have any of the PVR350 owners tried the PVR350 support? I anxious to know whether it is working for other people. *It certainly works on my development machine, but it is pretty tricky stuff and possibly could encounter problems on other versions of the Hauppauge drivers.

I have solutions for some of the potential problems, so let me know if you encounter any and we'll see what we can resolve.

2003-11-23, 08:03 PM
I've said this in another thread, but just for continuity on this thread... I've tried the TV-out - it works fine, including showing the GUI which is great (I don't know of any other PVR app that does this for the PVR-350) - the only issue is the cropping of the display slightly.

I know this isn't a bug as such, but one thing I did notice was that the audio doesn't come out of the TV for music files - it comes out of the line-out of the PC - is it possible to redirect this as an option (some people will want it out the TV, some out of their hi-fi I imagine)

2003-11-23, 10:43 PM
I dont think there is anything easy I can do about the MP3's etc playing through the PCs line-out. Unfortunately the PVR350 is only really geared up towards playing mpg movies.

I could definitly make it do it, but I'm struggling a bit for time at the moment. I've got a couple more interesting features on their way...

2003-11-24, 08:09 AM
Hi Sub (do you prefer G.?)

Not that I think that you should do it before your other stuff (and also noting that I havn't tried it!) but,
I guess it should be possible just to set up a graph with the standard mictosfoft file source going through the mp3 decode to mp2 encode to the hardware docoder filter.
I don't know what that would do to the quality though.