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2005-12-28, 12:33 AM

I'm a newish MVP owner and have been running GB-PVR for a couple weeks now. I'm very impressed with how developed this app is, especially given it seems there's only one developer!

I would like to report a problem I'm having though, as I suspect its just my setup or someone would have mentioned it:

When I'm playing back a recording, I can't fast-forward in the stream. Most times, the video freezes on the current frame and the sound fast-forwards. I've had it seem to ignore the fast forward request. In Live-TV, I've had it lock up where the software had to reload from the MVP boot screen again.

I use a Plextor TV-402u to capture to MPEG-2, and a MediaMVP to playback. I haven't really messed with the mux settings because I'm not sure how they apply with a MPEG2 hardware capture and MPEG2 hardware playback device.

2005-12-28, 07:34 PM
I have the same problem watching a mpg movie.
I can watch and ff the movie directly on the PC just fine. But after the first ff (either on the PC on the MPV) I get a black screen on the MPV, with the correct sound.

I'm using the windows XP muxer.
It's an internet file so maybe the format is different from the normal reccordings? which used to work just fine (I just deleted all my reccordings and can't test a new one, since I currently don't have a tuner anymore)

2005-12-29, 04:25 PM
Thanks for the tip. Even though Microsoft (http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/Windows/2000/server/reskit/en-us/Default.asp?url=/resources/documentation/Windows/2000/server/reskit/en-us/regentry/94176.asp) says DisableTaskOffload
is set to zero by default, I created the entry and rebooted. It doesn't
change the results. My 100-Base-T network is underutlized and the
host PC is idle. Still, the first time I try to fast forward, the sound
jumps and the picture freezes. Then subsequent times, nothing
happens. The pause button is the only button that seems to do
anything. The only way to fix the picture is to back out and restart
the video from the beginning.

I really like the Guide/Scheduler of the GB-PVR, but sadly I will have
to go back to the Hauppauge software for playback.

2005-12-30, 02:36 AM
Hi, yes I'd love some more ideas if this is solvable. The GB-PVR software is so much nicer than the stock MVP stuff (if it worked).

The server is a Dell 8250 P4, 1GB, 2.4GHz, Intel Pro 100 NIC, WinXP SP2. There's two switch hops to the MVP. I think the cable backbone I ran was Cat5e but I can't vouch for the patch cords.

Video plays back great. Its just the FF that breaks things. The LED on the MVP flashes so I know the remote is being received.

I capture with a Plextor TV402u to MPEG2, so the PC shouldn't have to do any transcoding. But I have played back MPEG4 and it too has looked good.