View Full Version : XMLTV Guide Channels

2003-11-18, 02:17 AM
I was trying to remove channels in the tv guide section of the configuration app. I remove a number of channels but these keep appearing in the TV Guide section of GB-PVR.

I assume i should be able to remove stations that I do not want displayed?

Also, unchecking the enable box for a tv channel, I assume this should remove it from GB-PVR? I restart GB-PVR each time and all the channels are there each time.


2003-11-18, 04:42 AM
I've corrected this for the next release. You should uncheck the enable box to disable the channel for that source. If none of the channel sources have the channel enabled, it wont show up in the TV Guide.

For now I've removed the remove button. The add and remove buttons were meant to be for other channels that weren't included in your XMLTV file. For example, in my area we also have PPV channels which are not included in the XMLTV lineup. The add button at least allows me to manually add these channels. This will be used for initiating manual records (soon).