View Full Version : EPG source won't save

2004-04-06, 08:44 PM
As I was installing the .15 release I noticed my .xml file is not being saved in the Configurations. Therfore every time I try to update my EPG, it gives an error obviously because it is not being pointed to my .xml file. I did notice that the devnz folder has read-only greyed in. So if you could tell me where this setting is saved so I could double check the file is not read-only that might do it.

Otherwise what log file do you need.


2004-04-06, 09:29 PM
This file name is stored in the database (gbpvr.mdb), but you shouldn't set it there manually. Try to set you xmltv filename using the browse button in the xmltv settings, then "OK" out of config app to save the settings, then email me the config.exe.log.

A couple of people had been backing up their gbpvr.mdb before installing new versions, so they could restore it after install, in an attempt to get a sort of upgrade (and retain their settings). THIS WONT WORK IN THIS RELEASE. The database has changed, and will cause just this sort of problem saving the XMLTV settings because the table structure has changed. You need to use the gbpvr.mdb that came with the release.