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2005-12-05, 04:44 AM

I have a question about conflicts. Seems two of my season recordings crossed and there was a conflict. I discovered it by accident. Not sure why GBpvr didn't do some kind of alert but that's a different question.

In Video Archiver is there a way to bring up a conflicts screen, or could there be?

When i was using Recordings it was something i checked once in a while and finding the conflict the other day got me to thinking about not seeing a way to bring up something like that in Video Archiver. Especially now that it's my default and only Video plugin.

2005-12-05, 05:53 AM
I don't have conflicts support right now, as you noticed, but I have thought about it now and again. I have written some code to determine conflicts for another plug-in I have (that searches the guide for shows kind of like the search plug-in) so I could probably borrow that for use in the video archive plug-in.


2005-12-05, 11:48 AM
That would be great! From what i can see it's the only thing lacking in the VA plugin. I've so enjoyed using this plugin and it has slowly replaced all the other video plugin till right now it's the only one left.

As a suggestion it would be really nice to get a VA panel warning for conflicts like you do for low disk space.

2005-12-06, 07:14 AM
I've adde conflict warnings to the panel and conflict indications to the pending list for the next release. For those doing skins, it will require skin changes. I have an example for the blue skin and bluemce2.


2005-12-06, 03:00 PM
That's great. I'll look forward to it. I've become very fond of this Plug, just as if not more than the weather plug.

Nicely done!