View Full Version : v95.11 fixed Scott's MVP issue !

2005-11-30, 02:27 PM
If you remember all my whinning over the past couple weeks - I had an MVP that was working with the Menu's, but didn't work to play Video (I got a black screen each time). MVP worked fine (including video) using the Haupp software.

Athough Sub, tipster, and members of this forum had give me alot of advise, I had given up and now have S-video cable routed through my walls! Since I was waiting for a good rebate on a tv out pci card, when I saw the 95.11 update posted, I decided to apply the update and power up the MVP to see what would happen...

And the MVP now works! Don't know why, but I'm not complaining! Thanks Sub for you attention on the MVP portions of the program in this release!:D

2005-11-30, 04:09 PM
I cant think of a single thing that changed that would have helped this. In fact, I dont think anything at all changed with MVP media playback.

2005-11-30, 04:29 PM
It seems fixed for me too,in the limited testing I have done thus far. I used to only have the problem after many hours of inactivity with the MVP, so it is something hard to test. Maybe the async key processing changes helped somehow.


2005-11-30, 09:22 PM
Just take credit Sub! It may be that I had messed up a setting and the new install (I had unistalled the previous version) help fix an error I had made sometime along the way...

I also deleted (by re-formating my video drive) all old programming - So perhaps the reduction in video files also played a part...