View Full Version : .15 Beta Problem

2004-03-30, 03:50 AM
With the upgrade to .15, everything works perfectly including the fix for the hour behind problem in the guide. The only problem i'm having is during live tv, I cannot rewind. The pause function works, but once out of pause, I cannot ffwd through commercials... any suggestions??


2004-03-30, 04:12 AM
Yes, I've not implemented ffd/rw in livetv mode yet. I was working on it for this release, but the datetime problem has forced me to disable this half complete change so that I can get this bug fixed. No previous release has supported ffd/rw in livetv mode either.

It sounds like a small thing to ask for, but believe me - its not....

2004-03-30, 02:04 PM
Sorry sub, i was not meaning to be complacent as I know nothing with a PVR is an easy task. I am just relieved that the previous issue has been resolved. Keep up the great work.