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2004-02-20, 07:56 PM
With Rel 13, I was watching liveTV on the MVP and started a manual recording on the PC client. As soon as I started the manual recording, the liveTV stopped.

2004-02-20, 08:07 PM
With v0.13 most of these situations are handled gracefully but this one can occur still occur. It's not strictly related to multiple tuners, more how the tuners are allocated.

Basically, when you schedule a recording its allocated to a tuner at that time. LiveTV is effectively letting you use the tuner while its not scheduled for any other recordings. You're viewing LiveTV on a tuner that is about to be used for recording. In the next release I'll popup a OSD box to let you know that the tuner is about to start a recording in a minute (or two) - and give you the option to "cancel the recording" or "cancel LiveTV".

In your case you have more than one tuner, so in theory you shouldn't have to see any of these messages but that'll involve dynamically switching tuners etc. This is a bit harder, and difficult for me to test since I've only got a single tuner, but I'll see what I can do for future releases.

After this happens, you should be able to select LiveTV again and it'll use the spare tuner.

2004-02-20, 08:22 PM
Since I have two tuners, what would be a good test to see if both can be used concurrently?

2004-02-20, 08:53 PM
- Scheduled two recordings that overlap
- Start a recording then watch live tv
- Watch different LiveTV channels on you PC and MVP at the same time
- Watch different LiveTV channels two MVP clients at the same time
- ...

2004-02-20, 08:57 PM
In the situation you described, the scheduled recording has taken priority over the LiveTV, which was stopped when the recording was due to start. No harm done, if you start LiveTV again it'll pick the other tuner. The recording will continute without interruption.

2004-02-20, 09:24 PM
The problem appears to be with two recordings. Watching two liveTV channels or one recording and one LiveTV, appear to work. Please see my last two emails, they discribe the situation with two recordings. Thanks.