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  1. PIP (picture in picture) for dual tuner tv card
  2. Specify separate recording drives for each tuner->less fragmentation
  3. GBPVRTray.exe: rollover status about upcoming recordings?
  4. Record button for composite inputs?
  5. Foobar player integration?
  6. Roadmap!
  7. Multizone Audio with multiple sound cards
  8. Fulltime Timeshift suggestion
  9. Combine videos in multiple directories
  10. View recordings by length
  11. Tuner Priority
  12. Record Streaming Audio and Video
  13. Aspect Ratio in config
  14. Task Description
  15. Native support for ID3 and embedded Album Art
  16. Adjust plugin settings without restarting recording Service
  17. GBPVR send logs on its own?
  18. E4+1 etc. post processing
  19. Return to Current Position within Directory listing
  20. on-screen tool for manual comskipping
  21. WOL Server on additional pc
  22. DVB-S Box by Opera
  23. Option to only launch one instance
  24. Resume video position
  25. Auto record on keywords
  26. PC client
  27. <DrawText MaxLength="50"
  28. CA (Conditional access)/CI
  29. Single tuner with Recording and Live TV
  30. XM radio streaming?? plugin request??
  31. Mute
  32. Mobile Phone Connectivity
  33. ( More for Others ) Legal VOD Movies From BT
  34. Change Channel via Up/Down Button after Confirmation
  35. Album Art for the default Music Library
  36. GBPVR on Wine
  37. Play previously recorded from tv guide
  38. More fleshed out program searching
  39. Reallocate recording when channel is disabled
  40. Status of MVPs available via tray icon
  41. Menu group shows if empty
  42. I wish the EPG update was a bit smarter
  43. Add a default soundtrack
  44. [REQ] Extended Filename-Reading within Audio-, Photo- und Videolibrary
  45. N/A if no listing available from xmltv file
  46. TvShape in config tool?
  47. Multiple selection for playback or deleting
  48. Show 'record status' in 'search guide'
  49. Reoccuring recordings warning / season ended indicator?
  50. PSP File Naming: 2.8 vs. pre-2.8 firmware
  51. [Request] Photo Library
  52. [Request] Video Library
  53. "disable" tuner button in config
  54. Which tuner is recording what?
  55. double click tray icon
  56. automatically switching between preview and 'live' recorded
  57. channel change on menu screen
  58. Full Guide in Live TV Mode
  59. Translations in skin.xml
  60. Global Time and Date Tags...
  61. Screen Saver during long pause?
  62. Import and export tools for "recordings"
  63. Recurring manual recordings
  64. Music Title info as screensaver?
  65. MVP status in windows/gbpvr system tray
  66. copy padding
  67. remember where I'm at when watching a recording.
  68. Recording option
  69. [WISH] Newsreader and LiveTicker
  70. Country in forum profile
  71. TV Guide "Next Page" "Previous Page" Button
  72. [REQ] Playback_Position within GB-PVR
  73. auto-refresh when in a menu
  74. Typing in channel in manual recording
  75. Search - save "favorite" searches?
  76. Program positon in OSD
  77. using GB-PVR w/o card?
  78. DVB-C cl/cam support
  79. "Prompt for resume" cancel option
  80. dvb/bda: record several sessions simultaneously which are on the same transponder
  81. Maybe it's a wishlist or maybe it's out there HURRICANE
  82. better music
  83. Pilot/Premier Notification
  84. Wishlist: function to switch "start on second monitor" on the fly
  85. Advanced Programme Notification
  86. Resume improvements and client settings
  87. Recordings - Program descriptions
  88. Quick add time to scheduled recording
  89. Ability to use previous music player queuing options
  90. Music Server: add "traverse subdirectories" option
  91. entry for bda.ini
  92. Genre search, from the MPV.
  93. DVB-EPG in background
  94. Goto byte offset/time location - MP3 Files
  95. Two GBPVR Hosts: Seeing and controlling each other
  96. Standard plugin installer
  97. add start and end time to program info
  98. Recordings Plugin - display time of partial recordings
  99. Skin-able conflict popup
  100. Don't skip the last commercial segment
  101. still no mouse setting :(
  102. DVD recording (again)
  103. On/Off Timer
  104. Complete "Always on-top" option
  105. Internet phone/IM plugin
  106. Length of Time the OSD Displays
  107. TV Guide w/ scaled image
  108. Searching function
  109. ATSC Signal Strength
  110. Music/Video Library skin Name variable addition
  111. scroll buttons in tv guide
  112. Automatic Deleter
  113. Play all without resume
  114. TVU Player??
  115. MSI MegaSky 580 Remote Support?
  116. EPG update using the DVB stream and some other EPG issues
  117. Message Box Option
  118. Start GBPVR w/ Hauppauge IR remote?
  119. popup menu at the end of a recording
  120. Autodetection of TV card
  121. That Was Annoying (prompt for exiting timeshift)
  122. api call to play audio tracks in random order
  123. mouse scroll on horizontal-menu skins
  124. Surf Plugin or commcand
  125. Recording service restart
  126. MSI 550 Pro Remote Support
  127. Email HDD Plugin
  128. Web and Mouse Hover
  129. wish: no dupes option per show
  130. Recycle bin
  131. Forum needs links to GBPVR.COM home page
  132. Newbie observations
  133. selecting recording quality (really minor comment:))
  134. Next show in TV OSD
  135. Recording quality + conversion in one place
  136. recordings into the category directory
  137. rename a recording
  138. transcoded file saved
  139. loop playback
  140. automatic queuing of split mpgs
  141. GBPVR Server/client- No Timeshift on at least server
  142. Manual EPG Edit/Import Recordings?
  143. Disable word-wrap in a text field.
  144. Ipod Video Tool/Plugin
  145. tv 'playlist'
  146. Ability to "mark" or "group" Ready recordings
  147. Move a Recording?
  148. Channel removal
  149. Name Modules for firewall
  150. Recordings directory tweek.
  151. Four-digit channel support
  152. Multiple recordings in a row
  153. confirm the stop button in live tv mode
  154. Ask to delete at end of playing
  155. Ability To Use Gbpvr To Record Radio
  156. Ability to select channel via EPG when EPG blank
  157. Full Hardrive
  158. Unique Recording Screen Popup Buttons
  159. Programatically use gb-pvr
  160. EWA mobile
  161. Copying a capture source
  162. 3-line view in Recordings
  163. Skip Main Menu
  164. DVD Creation
  165. record to SRT while without MOVIE record
  166. Partially watched recordings list
  167. multiple users on a network
  168. manual commercial marking
  169. DVD Resume
  170. Plugins to reset after re-entry
  171. Dynamically adjusting aspect ratio w/MediaMVP
  172. Deciding to record a show you are watching
  173. Show oldest first
  174. target dir for conversion files
  175. VMR / Overlay choice
  176. Transcode Option in Recordings
  177. Restart GBPVR Option
  178. Radio FM and SAT Radio
  179. System Buttons
  180. Pausing Live TV
  181. Manual EPG Update on Web Interface
  182. Extend current recording
  183. Process canceled recording
  184. Quick Record: Adjust post show record length
  185. Ability to temporarily disable pending recording
  186. DVB-T radio
  187. New SleepTimer Functionality
  188. My Trailers equivalent plugin?
  189. Picture format
  190. skin-changes needed with new releases
  191. Cancel recording an certain episode for the entire season
  192. Common Interface Support
  193. Ignore Capitalisation in 'search' screen.
  194. CAM support
  195. Slingbox pass through
  196. Wiki Search Plugin
  197. This might be promising
  198. installation folder
  199. using TV-Browser as EPG?
  200. Temporarily disable a season record
  201. industrial category in web radio
  202. When select program in guide, make Watch first entry
  203. Ability to pause playback of recording and watch live TV, then change back to ...
  204. Small live TV preview in TV guide screen
  205. Wolfgang's Vault
  206. Prevent GBPVR from overwriting original mpg file after recording service is reset
  207. Net radio in the web interface!
  208. Ability to stream live TV
  209. watch a program from just before it's scheduled start time
  210. Screen Saver to leave you where you were before activation
  211. Ability to play sync'ed audio to MVP(s) and local PC
  212. Is there a Mything Link?
  213. TV Cue
  214. Categorized Guide
  215. timeout on client if server *ocks up
  216. "Watched" flag
  217. fudge start time
  218. 'Search Guide' ability to use Red Record button
  219. Ch # on Guide details window
  220. Temporarily increase Recording Service Priority
  221. Ability to play music in background
  222. Ability to view on a Pocket PC?
  223. Offline Viewing of Recordings on a Client PC
  224. delete when done viewing
  225. Export/Import Recording Schedule
  226. Future search and add....
  227. Mini lite webbased statusscreen
  228. automatically split large recordings into 4.4 gb chunks
  229. search epg/zap2it for all text, not just title: i.e. 'usc' vs 'college football'
  230. Awkward interface
  231. Delete folders as well as files
  232. VLC streaming on Live TV
  233. Go up to reach bottom of list
  234. videoredo vprj 2 gbpvr skip.txt
  235. Adapte Dual TV Tuner USB device support
  236. Using a mouse scroll wheel
  237. Jumping 12 or 24 hrs in tv guide of gbpvr (i.e. see next day's shows)
  238. OSD Counter on Video Play back
  239. Recordings (interupted)
  240. Recordings (start - stop times)
  241. Episode Info Lookup
  242. Resume support
  243. UK DVB-T Radio Stations
  244. MP3 1sec cross fades
  245. Warn if recording is in progress when shutting down
  246. GBPVR Call Home
  247. 'Saved Videos' in Youtube plugin?
  248. Font shadow for skinning
  249. Conflict screen organization
  250. Auto Play Next