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  1. .net unhandled exception
  2. Directx update?
  3. Tuner compatibility (HD Home Run?)
  4. How Will 1.4.7 and 1.5.19 coexist re: previously recorded programs?
  5. Pinnacle / Hauppauge 4000i PCTV Dual Sat Pro PCI - Compatible with N-PVR?
  6. New Features
  7. Live TV fails - missing msvcr70.dll
  8. Tuner not being recognized
  9. Controls?
  10. Can We Put The Data Directory on Another Drive?
  11. HD Homerun Setup
  12. is TS file just a type of MPg file? can it be played in extenders as Popcorn WD live
  13. Thanks
  14. SoftPVR installation problem
  15. Scanning Channels
  16. What actually is NPVR
  17. Firewall Requirements for NPVR...
  18. softpvr install problem also
  19. Hvr-950q
  20. ffdecsa.dll not found
  21. channel logos
  22. what extenders will be possible to use as a client
  23. Schedules Direct support??
  24. Country not sticky, duplicate sets of Channels?
  25. Question Regarding Album Art
  26. Channel Changer? - How do I select the USB-UIRT for a Cable Box?
  27. Live-View
  28. Hauppauge Remote control not working
  29. Setup Screen
  30. EPG-data, where?
  31. Search TVGuide?
  32. nrecord.exe crashes from scheduled recording.
  33. Help with Hauppauge HVR-1950
  34. Cancelled recordings displays as pending
  35. Comskip Npvr
  36. Should import recordings include schedule?
  37. Blank screen for Live TV and Recordings
  38. UK DVB-S scan problems
  39. cant add devices
  40. Double recording scheduled - but only in some cases
  41. Playlist
  42. tray icon
  43. Adding analog channels
  44. Crash during channel scan
  45. Can't record a program that's already started.
  46. Recording directory
  47. alternate .ini to reduce us atsc scanning time
  48. VMR rendering (and window aspect)
  49. Video in top left corner
  50. Device setup copy
  51. Tuner XMLTV channel mapping
  52. NVPR is too smart :0) - is there a way to add a "fake" recording device for dev work
  53. Sub, are you really fond of the name "NPVR"?
  54. not getting play position when forwarding
  55. QAM scanning
  56. Blank Screen As well
  57. Hauppauge PVR-500 not recognized.
  58. Hauppauge WinTV 88x DVB-S/S2
  59. Net radio
  60. Black screen on QAM viewing
  61. What is Test3
  62. Resume playback
  63. No video/audio
  64. Can't get Multidec and MDplugins to work
  65. Pause/resume
  66. Similar
  67. PVR150 (no devices)
  68. NPVR Stable
  69. Unable to find Capture filter's video output pin
  70. Problem tuning analogue from PVR150 and .net exception.
  71. NPVR and transcoding
  72. DVB-S EPG Population - Newbie query
  73. MVP Server Window Appearing
  74. NPVR Not Remembering Position and Size
  75. Requiring a 3rd party mux ?
  76. Device Setup Problem - Bluebird, BDA Tuner1
  77. OSD Recording Info
  78. channel rearranging
  79. Skipping in recordings
  80. Hang at start of DVB-T scan UK.
  81. "failed because recording service not running" but records OK?
  82. MDPlugins and dual-tuner setup
  83. comskip is skipping comskipping
  84. Hauppauge HVR1600 showing up as WinTV 418 BDA?
  85. No Drive containing a DVD was found
  86. U6012A QAM Tuner in Windows 7 - Device as DVB-C instead of QAM
  87. things I never liked about GB-PVR that have now made it to Next-PVR....
  88. MVP server - interactive services detection
  89. error: Unable to communicate with recording service
  90. DVD playback exception errors
  91. NVPR application error
  92. Trouble playing m4v videos and recorded programs
  93. subtitles?
  94. Windows 7 Direct X 9
  95. EPG updates overlapping and overwriting
  96. Slight Stutter on SD Live
  97. Can't stop display of subtitle/closed caption
  98. Database locked error
  99. Volume Control?
  100. Manual Recording
  101. Where Is It?
  102. Help with SQL query for querying recordings in NPVR.db3
  103. Lockups in setup, during scanning
  104. Aspect ratio of analog recordings
  105. Where is the npvr.log?
  106. Problem with Video metadata
  107. Satellite Setup - Multiswitch
  108. Device Setup Bug
  109. Scheduled EPG Update - TV Guide not always updating from XMLTV
  110. Config Problem
  111. 1.5.21 still dvb-t setup hang.
  112. Custom Tasks
  113. 1.5.19 to 1.5.21 a Backwards Step
  114. Skipped files on upgrade to 1.5.21 Beta
  115. H264 1080i playback problems - thinks it's mpeg2
  116. Cannot play .ts and.mpg but plays .avi fine
  117. top menu items not working
  118. aspect ratio on 19" LCD
  119. Having problems with sound and maintaing settings
  120. How to change channel by number without using enter key?
  121. Suggestion - add "please wait" from TV Guide the way it works from Live TV
  122. Which MCE remote make and model?
  123. .MTS files
  124. VMR7 Acceleration on .mpg
  125. No setup menu
  126. Vidieos metadata
  127. NPVR likes my tuners better than GBPVR did
  128. Please Allow Data DIrectory to be opn Another Drive
  129. Video Library showing hidden directories
  130. what's new sort order reversed?
  131. Use background recording service?
  132. How to map the coloured buttons on the remote?
  133. Unchecked 'Right button context menu' now can't get into Settings
  134. Decoder & Setup/Startup Query
  135. analog tv tuner not show on Divices screen
  136. Suggestion: custom images for non-broadcasting channels
  137. Clarification on installation requirements NPVR?
  138. High Priority Recording Service
  139. Ati 750 qam
  140. No picture with DVB-T, DVB-S works fine
  141. Glitchy audio on DVB-S
  142. analog quality?
  143. N-PVR 1.5.21 Small Visual Anomalies And Other Things...
  144. Turn Automatic EPG-update off?
  145. Best TV Card?
  146. neXt PVR doesn't honour the AutoTune Registry?
  147. No info on TV Guide
  148. No sound on Live TV - Win7 32bit, UK Freview
  149. Bizarre problem - PVR turns itself off during scheduled recordings!
  150. Do SRT Files work?
  151. Change font size
  152. A few 1.5.21 Questions
  153. Looping problem
  154. Live TV not working on popcorn
  155. Assign same EPG channel to two different tuners?
  156. NPVR not yet worth a try
  157. Channel Change Very Slow
  158. Programmes disappearing from TV Guide
  159. How can I disable subfolders in the recording directory?
  160. TV osd
  161. Tray Icon Requests
  162. Hauppage 1800 s-video question
  163. NPVR hangs
  164. Decoder - Channels questions
  165. Updated .ini file for Norway Canal Digital users
  166. Name matching for season recordings question
  167. uk dbv-t & menu scroll
  168. more epg data?
  169. No DVD Drive found
  170. Manual resize/resolution
  171. Fullscreen mode at Startup
  172. Which analogue tuner cards does NPVR support
  173. no fullscreen?
  174. Analogue tuning problem. PVR USB2
  175. time display bug in Recordings
  176. no metadata for new recordings?
  177. Failed to Locate Filter by name
  178. Failed to Locate Filter by name
  179. NPVR crashes and reboots the computer
  180. 1.5.24 no Live TV HD Video
  181. NPVR Tuning generates "unhandled exception"
  182. Crashing on recording screen NPVR 1.5.24
  183. Removing channel number from channel name
  184. Pin Protected Directories
  185. Search Guide, System, and Find All
  186. WizRenameRecording for NPVR?
  187. Problems with mpg video playback
  188. Problem with seeking during recorded TV playback
  189. video inset in NPVR?
  190. Minor display issue - Program guide
  191. Duplicate channel listings in TV Guide
  192. Time And Date Format...
  193. Logical Channel Number Options...
  194. Delete pending recording?
  195. No audio on recordings since latest nPVR built
  196. Unable to located Capture filter's 'Analog Video In' pin
  197. Can't update a scheduled recording type
  198. No display whatsoever
  199. Scanning DVB-T with HW-CAM crashes on XP
  200. How to decrease the live buffer?
  201. Import season recordings?
  202. Memory leak? Out of memory exception error
  203. CPU usage
  204. Where Does xmltv.xml Go?
  205. Live TV display mode?
  206. EPG language + DVB subtitles
  207. New EVR "Remove LetterBox" Zooming feature
  208. Possible bug using "Open file"
  209. Bug? : Uninstall doesn't appear to do a proper job.
  210. Update EPG with XMLTV data doesn't work
  211. Start NPVR always on top?
  212. Vista machine won't sleep with nPVR
  213. Setting Analogue Tuner Channel
  214. Avoid Duplicate recordings?
  215. recording in progress during epg update causes problems
  216. Dual Tuners problem recording 2 programs at the same time V1.5.24 Win 7.
  217. Setting analogue tuner channel is OK with WinTV 7 but not NPVR
  218. NPVR does not honor tuner priority
  219. Cannot Record Two Simultaneous Programs
  220. UK DVB-S scan not identifying some channels as encrypted.
  221. recording files not being deleted automatically
  222. live tv freezes when recording starts
  223. logging bug
  224. Tuner Allocation
  225. need option to turn off MCE remote support
  226. EPG Source in New Zealand
  227. North American digital closed caption support
  228. Genre dropdown missing from NEWA?
  229. Play Events
  230. NPVR, Aspect Ratio, Page Down, Delete
  231. Unable to scan channels (Device failed to start)
  232. Overlapping recordings
  233. TS and Comskip
  234. Will multiple independent instances of NPVR be possible?
  235. Does NPVR support hauppauge MVP running MVPMC
  236. Where to get TV Guide?
  237. Recording static, not channel and search question
  238. NPVR and HDHomerun
  239. Random hanging for a minute navigating Recordings screens
  240. crashing
  241. EGP Overide
  242. HIP config for NPVR, USB-URIT and Hauppauge 45 button remote
  243. DVB-S scan doesen't fnd any channel
  244. Recordings end when closing program
  245. Support for changing tuners?
  246. Does N-PVR support ISO files?
  247. No video for HDPVR, and Device Setup won't remember HD-PVR IR blaster
  248. Support for Ember Media Manager output files
  249. Audio stream
  250. Using Symbolic links in Video Library