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  1. How do I exit fullscreen?
  2. New iMon Display API available!
  3. Setting up channels
  4. NPVR and MediaMVP-HD
  5. Missing ATSC channels
  6. Importing "all channels" recording schedules
  7. Recordings screen menu bar access
  8. Manual Recording Unhandled Exception
  9. Multidec almost working - Cannot record multiple shows
  10. Newbie help on EPG
  11. Newbie help on EPG
  12. "cannot connect to recording device" error
  13. Channel Info
  14. Some Channels Not Working
  15. Watch / Record problem?
  16. Error/crash report
  17. "Whats New" not updating
  18. Audio cutting out on live TV
  19. My little list of bugs
  20. NPVR - Out of memory error
  21. No limits on mdplugin recordings on same tuner
  22. MKV files
  23. Possible issue - video micro-stuttering tv issue
  24. Filters not showing up in decoders list
  25. AC3 audio stream is silent. And how to set preferred stream?
  26. Channel listings query
  27. TV picture starts up in left corner
  28. Hauppauge 34 button remote in NPVR
  29. Device priority
  30. Hauppauge HD-PVR
  31. DVD aspect ratio problem
  32. Set NPVR aspect ratio to Fill
  33. Background recorder questions
  34. Channel changing problem
  35. Hauppauge 45 button remote - Irremote.ini
  36. NPVR - DVD error
  37. DVD Playback not working
  38. channel changing using arrows
  39. online hosted xmltv epg
  40. Audio and video drifting out of sync
  41. v1.5.33 - Audio micro-glitching
  42. Plugin development documenation for NextPVR?
  43. Clicking on Timeline Bar when Playing Back Recordings
  44. TV Guide
  45. Unable to play .m2ts video files in latest version of NPVR 1.5.33
  46. Upgrade advice
  47. NPVR 1.5.33 - Music - problems, questions, suggestions
  48. Web Server Windows XP install error i.e. Folders for Win 7 not found
  49. v.1.5.33 dies unexpectedly when beginning playing recording on PCH
  50. nrecord.exe needs access to internet
  51. Help! No picture/sound in Live TV using NPVR 1.5.33
  52. Playback channel skip crash/problem
  53. Faulty DVB-S card - advice on reconfigure nPVR
  54. 4 digit channels
  55. Manual recordings problem
  56. Hauppauge HD-PVR Question
  57. Hard disk going to to sleep, or something else?
  58. Blaster program firing, but no output from usbuirt
  59. Multiple devices / chanels
  60. 1.5.31 -> 1.5.33 = glitchy & out of sync audio
  61. HD PVR set up help
  62. 1.5.33 - wrong AR on all local sources, AUTO AR doesnot work
  63. XMLTV file not importing.
  64. Open Issues for nPVR 1.5.33
  65. OSD programme info - time setting
  66. v1.5.33 - Recurring Recordings
  67. Multi Channel Record one Tuner MDPLUGIN, multidec
  68. Stream to Client PC Choppy w/NPVR, VLC and WDTVLIVE work well.
  69. How can I get 1.5.31?
  70. Won't play after skipping while paused
  71. Video folders sort order
  72. Locked database problem
  73. Keyboard Toggle for FS to Windowed
  74. Client system wakes to update at EPG
  75. How do I force NPVR to see that I have a dual tuner?
  76. Duplicate Recordings
  77. AutoRemoveMissingRecordings setting does not work
  78. Bug - nPVR Memory leak?
  79. Recording randomly stopped early
  80. Command line options
  81. Viaccess MPEG4 Common Interface with Fire DTV-T does'nt work in nPVR 1.5.33
  82. Problems watching recordings
  83. Stuttering audio due to win7 bug (or drivers?)
  84. Two similar devices will not work
  85. MVP does not play from a network share after installing 1.5.33
  86. HELP! can't even get up and running :(
  87. Resume not working
  88. 'Unable to communicate with recording device' followed by 'device not present'
  89. Turning off EPG updates
  90. recordings not starting
  91. new async device stop didn't help
  92. paradise lost... 1.5.31 problems came back
  93. Command line import function
  94. newbie: npvr basics?
  95. transfer pending recordings
  96. BBCi "channels" on DVB-S
  97. Tuner causes Nrecord crash??
  98. NPVR not blasting no different 4 ch problem.
  99. Win7 official default drivers for Realtek audio is broken
  100. PC client problems
  101. DVB-C setup (with cardsharing)
  102. Subtitles
  103. No Sound
  104. Sequence headers in ts files
  105. NPVR Support for WinTV HVR-1250?
  106. Hauppauge Blaster
  107. How Do I Skip DVD previews in NPVR?
  108. Recording starting over
  109. AC3Filter and MPEG Audio
  110. No channels found
  111. Reasons to really like NPVR
  112. Streaming Live TV to PS3?
  113. nPVR crashed while scanning DVB-C EPG
  114. Reduced Channel List
  115. LiveTV.xml OSD + Remove LetterBox Problem
  116. No Clear QAM Tuner Found
  117. No QAM Device found for DVICO Fusion HDTV5 Gold Tuner
  118. .mkv files and seek
  119. nPVR cpu load issue
  120. Client tries connecting to wrong IP
  121. Newbie again: another no clear QAM tuner? - Kworld UB435-Q
  122. New to NPVR
  123. Windows 7 x64 - strange issue with cscript when run from PostProcessing.bat
  124. What About API?
  125. Problem playing simple MPEG2 file N-PVR
  126. What PostProcessing.bat processes are people using on Windows 7 x64 systems?
  127. How do you play, pause, skip, etc?
  128. Issues with playback of video files
  129. A bug in XMLTV file mappings?
  130. How do I cancel a recording?
  131. My bug list for 1.5.33
  132. Accumulated Patch/Fix
  133. Mygica U6012 HDTV Stick Using Standard Definition
  134. BitrateMode Settings in Config.xml
  135. Bug: "Record Season" not working
  136. Any good renaming apps out there that can rename from an XMLTV file into SXXEXX fmt?
  137. Exact definition of "Record Season (All episodes on this channel)"
  138. LNB Setup for multiswitch under NPVR
  139. nPVR Library pointing to unicode?
  140. Crash (bug) with manual recordings popup when using advanced rules
  141. ISOs and DVD navigator
  142. How to force HDMI output
  143. How to change manual recording name?
  144. Search Guide
  145. Software encoding quality
  146. "Recording Source" S Video
  147. Problems with .ts playback in nPVR
  148. How to install Arcsoft codecs from WinTV installation CD
  149. Channel Change Mid-Recording
  150. Recordings folder names
  151. EPG number of days
  152. Failed recording - device failed to start
  153. ts file needs to fit on a dvd
  154. FYI - Firewall exceptions for Microsoft Security Essentials, even with no firewall
  155. "error dumping" info screen?
  156. NPVR & Guideplus Error
  157. Recordings - What's new
  158. Remote Control Support
  159. Using multiple xmltv files
  160. Scanning QAM Channels
  161. Freezing
  162. Q: Does/will NPVR support MMCSS
  163. NPVR - recording two channels at once - on different stations.
  164. Channel Scan with KWorld DVB-T388U - System.AccessViolationException
  165. PVR350 Enabled but not present with 1.5.33
  166. Is it posible to capture teletext subtitle to srt in NPVR like in GBPVR?
  167. Is it posible to config to record by NPVR while still watch live-tv?
  168. No m4v(mp4) playback after SAF 5 install
  169. overlay render does not work in 1.5.33
  170. Disabling GBPVR for transition to NPVR
  171. How to view teletext on NPVR Live-TV?
  172. The "Channels" button doesn't work!
  173. Recording service not working
  174. Can't record analog and OTA together on HVR1600.
  175. IR Server Suite Setup
  176. Basic setup NPvr from my note
  177. Updating EPG
  178. Unable to communicate with recording service
  179. Initial channel for live TV
  180. Infrared response slow
  181. VMR9 needed to play Danish SD H264, while EVR needed for Swedish SD
  182. New install on W7 Homeprem
  183. New install and have a few questions...
  184. Another recording service problem
  185. Resume Button Placement/Popup?
  186. Import Recordings .MPGs not showing
  187. Recurring recording runs wrong
  188. Window size issue and menu order
  189. Kworld QAM tuner support
  190. NPVR, GB-PVR and UAC
  191. Upgrading from GB-PVR 1.4.7
  192. Recording more than one channel at the same time, some channels doesn't work, why?
  193. Musiclibrary3 and Npvr
  194. recordings sort order
  195. prepadding went missing.
  196. Asus U3100mini ATSC/QAM usb tuner - scan finds NO channels
  197. Quick Start to Live TV
  198. Failed recordings with stuck tuner
  199. First recording fails most of the time: "No BDA capture filter for this device"
  200. Black Gold Quad Tuner with Analogue Support
  201. Not the right Channels with DVB-S disque (hotbird + astra)
  202. PostProcessing.bat not running
  203. QAM scan finds very few channels
  204. merge DVB-T and DVB-S channels in TV guide
  205. How to change channels in nPVR w/ HVR-1600?
  206. No Hibernate with npvr
  207. Client Playback Issue
  208. TechnoTrend Budget 1501 DVB-C card
  209. no sd mpg playback at all 2 machines
  210. Slight oddity selecting EPG source in settings
  211. Manual Recording, Cant update Advanced Rules
  212. Manual Recording, Recording Type & Channel reset to defaults
  213. MVP dongle setting has no effect
  214. Is there a way to fine-tuning image quality
  215. channels above 139
  216. Keyboard Shortcuts for Changing Channels
  217. Non-broadcasting channels
  218. Skip forward mkv files crashes nPVR
  219. Changing Recording File Name
  220. HDHR no channels on scan
  221. Winfast tv2000 XP: "unable to located capture filter's 'analog video in' pin.
  222. Screen saver
  223. Very minor bug with the TV Guide
  224. Live TV
  225. Display of date on recordings
  226. Is there a list view in videos?
  227. Analog recording quality
  228. import of recurring events does not record imported events
  229. "Attempted to read or write protected memory"
  230. Media Center Remote "Guide" button
  231. How can I change the Videos display to work like 1.4.7
  232. Occasional blank screen during play back and live tv
  233. odd stuttering after pc being "idle"
  234. SD support?
  235. Device failed to start
  236. nPVR brings in great pictures, but...
  237. Trying to play videos
  238. minor npvr bugs that maybe ought to be fixed before it's out of beta
  239. Trying to switch to Npvr, encountered some issues (Win 7)
  240. XML TV + Analog and DVB-T Confusion
  241. Recording Service Not Running at Time of Recording (Really Failed)
  242. Configuring S-Video Recording Hauppage PVR1600
  243. F key assignment to menu items?
  244. EGP Clears out and a guide to CCCP/FFDshow
  245. Meta data oddities
  246. no picture
  247. choosing recording file format
  248. What Blaster for HVR-2250 to control Comcast/Motorola STB
  249. EPG choices for Brisbane, Australia
  250. PreferAC3 Issue