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  1. BT Vision Download Store....
  2. How Often Do You Rebuild Your Main Desktop Machine?
  3. My wife will kill me if I don't record....
  4. The I got tired of messing with my pvr sale.
  5. Any news on a new GBPVR version soon?
  6. Graphics Card Recommendations?
  7. What am I missing? From 98.13
  8. Desktop PC Case
  9. WTB - ATSC HDTV Tuner Card
  10. Hauppauge CEO Comes Out Against Vista
  11. Virtual GBPVR
  12. Logitech Harmony Remote Users
  13. 780i vs. 1080i HD
  14. HVR-1600 is supporting clear QAM
  15. HD Encoding / Decoding on a Chip
  16. Kiwis - $100 PVR-150
  17. do purevideo decoders expire?
  18. CommunitySkin project next phase....?
  19. Free for the next 5 hours or so
  20. countdown to 1.00 or .999
  21. Watch 4 channels at once... or more?
  22. It's American Idol Kharma !
  23. Oh, what a tease!
  24. PS3 Firmware update.
  25. Stuck - ideas needed
  26. MPEG2 Recording Only?
  27. Man this is just....yuck...
  28. How far piracy has gone
  29. Takin' a ride, ride, ride...
  30. Favorite show growing up...
  31. Newbee......
  32. Questions about DVD ripping.
  33. Newbie: BeyondTV comparison?
  34. client/server setup instructions
  35. teasing us 'lesser mortals'!
  36. dvd test patterns
  37. what standalone hd receiver to buy? or usb card to hook sdtv?
  38. Verizon FIOS Re-Enables Serial Control
  39. CableCard
  40. Kiwi's - Best NZ capture card?
  41. Belkin MediaPilot 34.99 - USA only
  42. There is absolutely no doubt that the fun is in the learning...
  43. Best place to buy and sell tuner cards, video cards, etc.?
  44. Joining MPEG2 Recordings?
  45. For Sale: NEW HDHomeRun network dual digital tuner
  46. For Sale: Hauppauge PVR-500MCE dual TV Tuner card
  47. Run a dll as an app has encountered a problem
  48. Internet Connection and GBPVR
  49. make a friend
  50. Zap2it Closing Down
  51. How Much Would You Pay For EPG Data?
  52. Storm In Wellington NZ Last night
  53. home pages shows weird posts
  54. How to use Forum Search
  55. PVR For Sale
  56. Specification for an ideal PVR
  57. How much sucsess with dual tuner cards?
  58. MS visual Language question
  59. Basic Windows question
  60. Download stalls out
  61. Forum upload size
  62. Mains / USB recharger recommendations?
  63. ATI Radeon X600SE 128mb PCI - 19.99 (USA)
  64. Dvb Epg?
  65. Are codecs and muxs related to supermarket trolleys?
  66. Microsoft is grabbing user data in Vista
  67. Canada users... (or anyone who gets listings in MCE)
  68. Uk users... 500GB NAS for 107.88 (Inc vat)
  69. Realtime EQ to effect audio output?
  70. EPG problems with TVGids_to_xml
  71. Are your kids addicted to computers?
  72. Massive blow to free-to-air TV?
  73. Something is going on here...
  74. Zehd's moving to Australia!
  75. PS3 60g -$100, new 80g due in August.
  76. Hauppauge 250BTV to TV using Angeltrax CATV2400?
  77. How Do You BackUp your System?
  78. bug monitoring
  79. Multiple TV cards in a client / server config
  80. does GBPVR website really have Ebay favicon??
  81. Wireless MVP for USD $45.82?
  82. GBPVR Changing it's Name?
  83. Powerline Networking Package for sale HDX101's
  84. Hauppauge Nova-t stick for 17.95!
  85. GraphEdit Question
  86. Looking for a new project
  87. E6600 or wait for Q6600
  88. Cannot switch PVR On
  89. WOL troubles
  90. EmuNation
  91. UK PC Format magazine mentions GB-PVR
  92. Just plain funny
  93. 1.08? What's in your PVR?
  94. Chicken or pasta
  95. What's your age & kids
  96. How do you pronounce Hauppauge?
  97. Harmony 676 Remote $50 at Amazon - Good Deal?
  98. How do you view GBPVR?
  99. Lost all my recordings
  100. How Much Storage on Your Network?
  101. TV Guide
  102. TV Guide
  103. For Sale: PVR 150 with remote and ParaLED hardware
  104. Conversion Translation?
  105. Funny Clip about New Zealand
  106. Tool for fixing playlists?
  107. My community skin (pic)
  108. HTML editor inlcuding 'site manager'
  109. "Flight of the Conchords" -Seen it?
  110. Anyone else from Calgary?
  111. Spec'ing a new system
  112. Mythtv
  113. Anybody ever try Orb with GBPVR and MVP?
  114. Add sound to an AVI file?
  115. New GBPVR user...
  116. webcam recommendations
  117. rooftop antenna
  118. The future of HTPC after analog shutoff
  119. COMSKIP and NZ
  120. What skin are you using with PVRX2 and why?
  121. Version history
  122. Nova S Card and Mux generating smaller picture
  123. Freecom 'failed to locate configured BDA capture device'
  124. Bogus GBPVR Website
  125. Schedules Direct Announces Initial Pricing
  126. possible new documentation wiki article
  127. remote control question (probably stupid)
  128. Will You be Joining Schedules Direct?
  129. 2 New Vista hotfixes are out
  130. Inexpensive portable dvd player that plays avi
  131. New version XMLTV Radio Times grabber
  132. How To: Power Efficient & Low Budget Home Servers
  133. good optical drive enclosure
  134. gbpvr.com minor bug?
  135. Schedule Direct question
  136. Microsoft Comp
  137. All these members with babies
  138. Can GB-PVR be used only for library software?
  139. UK DVB-T Channel4 EPG back
  140. Forum Date Format ??
  141. Looking for TelstraClear Digital Cable TV 'Symbol Rate'
  142. Forums down today
  143. Hidden scheduled tasks
  144. Schedule Direct forums up
  145. Should we Evangelize for GBPVR?
  146. [Question] Recording of FM Radio within GB-PVR
  147. Remote control War
  148. MVP Problems - well, not really...
  149. What a difference background can make.
  150. Rip music from a DVD?
  151. Recording Consecutive Shows.
  152. Hauppauge IR Remote hangs.
  153. So on 9/1/07...gpbvr will no longer have a tv guide?
  154. Help with volume increment size
  155. Logo remover ideas?
  156. Volume Controls
  157. Anyone subscribed to Schedules Direct?
  158. Another zap2it (and schedule direct) pay alternative
  159. 3GHZ/1Gig/160GB P4 for $299.00 (USA - Today only)
  160. Canadian and US free data
  161. Looks like the end for me.
  162. $75 NZD USB Tuner stick w/ HW MPEG encode
  163. EPG Data
  164. All in one / Hauppage Remote $20-$30 USD
  165. Bargains on Ebay... or what...
  166. XMLTV and SchedulesDirect
  167. FTA Satelite?
  168. A Poll about Polls...
  169. Do you own a Wii?
  170. Network Storage with Torrent Client
  171. I was thrown out of Best Buy
  172. Flash Gordon on SCI-Fi
  173. No TV and No Internet for 5 Days
  174. Woot or no?
  175. Creating playlists of video clips
  176. about the forum
  177. Partition resizing programs
  178. HTPC maintenance schedule??
  179. gbpvr vs. mythtv
  180. switching HTPC to RAID?
  181. Can we get ComSkip more accurate?
  182. Converting my server to a Set-Top box!
  183. Wall mount a large TV
  184. Wikipedia
  185. GBPVR EPGs made slashdot
  186. Prepaid GSM phone SIMs in the USA? Channel showing Rugby world cup?
  187. Great job Sub! I hope your user base appreciates what you do and donates!
  188. Selling my xbox...
  189. FCC Regulation for Firewire / 1394 port on cable STB
  190. DVD Burning out of GBPVR
  191. DVB-T in Australia?
  192. FCC decision on analog cable cut off
  193. Schedules Direct Price Lowered and memberships extended
  194. FS: Avermedia Combo PCI-e TV Tuner (M780)
  195. Where does your username come from ?
  196. EPG worries vanquished, for now anyway
  197. Ripping CARS DVD
  198. How far does your EPG go?
  199. Insurance liability scenario
  200. File access trouble after backup to ext HD
  201. Which plugin do you use to control your LCD/VFD Display?
  202. Which LCD/VFD Display do you have in your Case
  203. favorite websites
  204. I dont need to buy a new TV and/or video card!
  205. Screen scraper and www.fitday.com?
  206. Deep fried PC anyone???
  207. Any Guys Who are Not Interested in Sports?
  208. Ripping an ECD?
  209. US Shipping help and good deals on JVC RXD302B
  210. TV Calendar
  211. Hauppauge 1600 and ClearQAM?
  212. Skin with instructions?
  213. CBBC (Crystal Palace) tuning info needed
  214. favorite moviestars/directors
  215. FFDShow to upconvert resolution and sharpen pictures
  216. What does your fall recording schedule look like?
  217. games on your HTPC?
  218. HDTV in New Zealand
  219. working with laser disks
  220. 12 foot Audio Cables - $7270.00 US
  221. Recording digital channel question
  222. Giveaway of the day
  223. A straight up side by side comparison; which is best?
  224. GBPVR or PVRX2?
  225. How processor intensive is recording
  226. h.264 streaming to xbox 360 in 4 steps
  227. Displaying multiple channels from a DVB-T mux
  228. TV QAM: Video ++, Audio so-so, some places
  229. sweden swedb not working? where do you get your TV guide listings?
  230. I know this is old news
  231. Rugby world cup....what world cup, Bathhurst is on!!!
  232. WTBS changes to Peachtree TV.
  233. Late to the party again I know
  234. cool picture in picture in picture
  235. Best "netradio" I've heard in years.
  236. Pinnacle PCTV HD/QAM at woot
  237. Ottawa:Antec Fusion $99 with the purchase of RAM
  238. Sample file to test hi-def playback?
  239. Which tuner would you choose?
  240. coloured buttons beside name in forum
  241. Tonights Panic
  242. I went a bit too far...
  243. HELP: Antec NSK2480 case problems and others
  244. How's my PVR150 capture look?
  245. unwrap .asf to ?? (.mov, .avi, .whatever)
  246. Trying find a old post?
  247. Which versio of gbpvr are u using?
  248. forum search faulty?
  249. cbreak, how does it work?
  250. Portal