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  1. GB-PVR: My Favorite Homebrew DVR Software
  2. Hibernate
  3. GB-PVR Can Coexist with TiVos
  4. Are there any women here?
  5. Two Cable sources into 1 PVR150
  6. STB or Digital Card?
  7. Avivo vs Purevideo article
  8. Anyone use live TV feature?
  9. decoders compared
  10. Does anyone know how to drive a "mediacentersink"
  11. market share of pvr software programs? (gbpvr vs. mp vs mce vs btv vs sage, etc)
  12. GB-PVR + Media MVP = Incredible
  13. Remote
  14. error reporting
  15. Speed Tweaks for Budget PVRs
  16. Hooking up PVR system to STB?
  17. Merry Christmas
  18. GBPVR Mentioned on "Download Squad" Blog
  19. Change Mouse Pointer
  20. Core2Duo desktop / notebook.
  21. Lotus Screencam conversion
  22. Xbox Live
  23. Screen lines problem
  24. Scheduled Recording Changes Mid Channel during Recording
  25. DVD Converter
  26. 2 PVR's one database for recordings?
  27. Sat card to eliminate STB?
  28. Setting Up / Maintaining GB-PVR for others.
  29. Folding@home
  30. What? No Happy New Year message?
  31. Video Skype
  32. S.A Remote control
  33. This NZ TV ad cracks me up...
  34. The end of Pmail
  35. The Terror Byte Drives are Coming!
  36. I need all your opinions on drivers/codecs/hardware etc.
  37. Command Prompt Here
  38. GBPvr Client Window within Browser window
  39. New device will send Web videos to TV
  40. Purevideo
  41. Some CES announcements
  42. HDTV: The Great PAL vs. NTSC equalizer?
  43. ATI X1x00 Ghosting/Trailing-effect Fix
  44. GB-PVR and iMon VFD Remote Control
  45. Tool to analyse timestamps???
  46. Can you do your own mux/modulate now or in future?
  47. Do you think the logitech play link should play video fine to the Media MVP?
  48. Poll: Anyone interested in a Trade thread on GBPVR Forum?
  49. Possible new HDTV tonight
  50. Increasing the W.A.F. (Wife Acceptance Factor)
  51. If I dig a very deep hole.. where I got to stop?
  52. All prior versions of GB-PVR required .NET?
  53. VGA Timing Calculations (GTF, CVT, CVT-RB)
  54. Getting Flash Video
  55. Question Re Hd/digital Cable
  56. DVD camcorder
  57. yet another user with hibernation problems.
  58. status as a junior member, member and senior member
  59. Don't try this without broadband...
  60. Converting files into H264 what programme
  61. Problems?
  62. Hauppauge 1300 Camcorder to PC trouble
  63. sharing of video between pvrs
  64. Good webcams?
  65. MultiDec setup?
  66. help with VB2005
  67. Average HDTV ATSC file size?
  68. Devolo MicroLink dLAN - Power socket LAN
  69. Kazaa and Skype founders to start Joost Internet TV
  70. Interesting Link
  71. Disposable DVDs
  72. Happy Anniversary to me!
  73. Hauppauge PVR150MCE Remote Control
  74. Binary (hex) file editor/viewer recommendation needed.
  75. Toggle OSD Display On/Off Live TV w/ Remote
  76. Vidphone?
  77. Safe to upgrade to Int Explorer 7?
  78. HD, Transport Streams, huh, what?
  79. Fix for IR trouble with Hauppauge remote and dual tuner cards
  80. I've been away a while...
  81. It's official. I need an HTPC.
  82. US primetime in different timezones.
  83. Recordings too dark? Where to reconfig?
  84. System partition on RAID 1 or not?
  85. Is the Hauppauge PVR 350 the only tuner card with tv out that works with GB PVR?
  86. dish network dual tuner channel changing?
  87. What am I doing wrong??????
  88. Looking for an AC3 codec as replacement for AC3Filter.
  89. Will Vista Kill GBPVR?
  90. Tuner card replacement advice needed
  91. Realtek AC97 freezez computer when enabeling Dolby digital/PCM
  92. Attn NZ GBpvr users looking for an IMON VFD
  93. Tool to merge tags in XMLTV files
  94. Converting HD to XVid - looking for suggestions
  95. Desktop link,script, ?? to chage screen res?
  96. need advice for streaming webcam
  97. LCD screen mod
  98. Building my own DVR
  99. carterfone
  100. Is there already a batch file to run a VRD script then delete the comskip files?
  101. on demand video
  102. Infrared gamepad ? ?
  103. Feb 20 2007 PC magazine
  104. Why \devnz\
  105. Just want to say "Thanks"...
  106. I just found out about DVB. Help me learn more.
  107. Dual Core Transcoding
  108. Comments on DirectTV?
  109. How many people have a MVP or similar streaming device?
  110. do core duo's allow 2x the speed, or 2x the number of jobs?
  111. Which is your favorite Youtube video?
  112. PVR-500 and WinTV2000
  113. Comskip inverted!
  114. Cannot get ffdshow and subtitles to work.
  115. HD Tuner card
  116. Best way to connect plasma tv to gbpvr pc
  117. OS cleaner
  118. Question about GB-PVR
  119. USA vs Mexico game
  120. Switched off PC while recording, can I restore file?
  121. Can NTFS see FAT32 drives? Can FAT32 see NTFS drives?
  122. how's text different in gbpvr vs beyondtv (btv4 looks nicer)?
  123. Jumping out of GB-PVR to browse the web - all via the remote control?
  124. have dvd+rw or dvd-rw been more reliable for you?
  125. navigating menu
  126. What are people using for their MP3 Library on the MVP?
  127. Good security camera or surveillance software?
  128. .Net Framework
  129. Fame!
  130. DVD Audio Lag
  131. New user
  132. Sub - Best DVB-S Card Option in NZ?
  133. Windows Home Server
  134. 1000 posts in a year !!!!
  135. Reording Multiple Channels on one DVB card
  136. Will This Work?
  137. Daylight savings time 2007
  138. GBPVR gets kudos from pcmag
  139. Very Cheap GBPVR Machine (Canada)
  140. Great job Sub, you've come a long way
  141. Convert avi with two audio tracks
  142. My PC clock runs too fast after power failures!
  143. gbpvr software installatin problem
  144. GBPVR Folding@Home Team?
  145. A must-have Firefox extension (IMHO)
  146. Funny kiwi site
  147. PC with tvtuner + pc as viewer?
  148. Who doesn't like to wok?
  149. Screen Refresh
  150. Did anyone record the Oscars?
  151. Font rendering XP Pro. vs. MCE
  152. well the new home page certainly looks different.....
  153. Case study: Performance of a rather big GBPVR system.
  154. New GB Install What windows should I use.....???
  155. Audio input USB device needed
  156. PVR-350 Video Alternative
  157. scripts from google-analytics.com
  158. Comcast DCT700 IR blaster
  159. Eclipse of the moon
  160. Hauppauge NOVA-T PCI Card Offer
  161. Oprah Winfrey's building a dream
  162. Freeview in NZ
  163. Install GB-PVR on server or workstation
  164. Another Joost wanabee:
  165. Congratulations!
  166. Help setting up FDSHOW for GBPVR
  167. Difference in recording size
  168. Changing Computers
  169. PS2 with HP tuner card
  170. Hauppage HVR1600 at CC for $59.
  171. Looking for TV Tuner Software...
  172. Lifehacker blog
  173. MUX collection
  174. And I thought it was Sheep in NZ
  175. Vital UK Gov e-petition for HD on Freeview
  176. Internet Library
  177. Hello
  178. UK Sky boxes may go into Auto Standby
  179. Transcoding and audio synch...
  180. DVD/DIVX players
  181. Apple TV
  182. very well done !!
  183. Time keeps on ticking....
  184. Email Insanity
  185. Rolling back to XP
  186. GB-PVR Rocks!
  187. PCAlchemy ad window
  188. screen shots of how tv would look using mvp/gbpvr?
  189. o/t: what kinda electrical adapter needed to charge canon sd600 batteries in europe?
  190. Any one able to stream ATSC livetv?
  191. does hub have enough bandwith for 2 usb pvr's+usb hdd?
  192. 1TB of external storage for 200
  193. Recommedations on OS...for GB-PVR
  194. what's ur favorite skin?
  195. So after I totally hosed my whole windows
  196. "Now THAT's Magic..."
  197. what's difference between community skin and basic skin?
  198. Looking for hosted forum software
  199. any apple or tivo inspired gbpvr skins?
  200. Remote text entry
  201. VHS to DVD Copying using PVR150 => PC => TV Out ?
  202. VHS -> Mpeg -- brightness/contrast
  203. don't try this at home!
  204. Are you affected by this sub
  205. how is text generated in gbpvr? (too fuzzy)
  206. Friday Night Lights
  207. A little humor
  208. tube tv's w/ atsc tuners and 4:3 ratio...how does hdtv content look? atsc vs ntsc?
  209. Free Broadband from Google
  210. Possible to switch between laptop display->tv out (svideo) w/ remote?
  211. freecom USB stick install
  212. Spontaneous wake-up
  213. Episode Guide Website
  214. freecom USB stick TV Guide setup
  215. Zap2it(i think this goes here)
  216. Home remodeling, gotta love it...
  217. Best places in the World to live
  218. SkyPortal for your Home Server
  219. Number of recordings
  220. Please Help - Using Playstation 2 joypads on the PC?
  221. The Office
  222. logos for los angeles channels?
  223. Cancelling Shows
  224. lyngbox
  225. Slideshow transitions
  226. UHF Remote
  227. web site
  228. Listen to DirecTv's XM radio stations remotely
  229. Addictive game
  230. 10 off orders over 30 at ebuyer.com with Google Checkout
  231. NY to London (the Google Maps way)
  232. TVersity UPnP Media Server
  233. Samsung LNT3253H or Sharp Aquos LC32D62U LCD
  234. Joost Invites Anyone??
  235. what happens to current generation of tv tuners when we switch to atsc?
  236. DFW HDTV ATSC users
  237. Help me settle an argument!
  238. Vista not so "Wow!"?
  239. Cable companies providing local HD broadcasts as unencrypted channels
  240. Trade/Buy?
  241. Forums quiet lately
  242. can u run vista w/ 2gb ram and no page/swap file?
  243. any http://dvbn.happysat.org users here?
  244. anyone know how to use partimage?
  245. why can't i delete some folders in vista (start menu)
  246. Multiple Computers - One Mouse and Kbd
  247. Please add your location to your forum profile
  248. ever missed a show?
  249. making vista look like xp....
  250. Quake brings WWII PT boat up from ocean floor