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  1. No Tuners Available
  2. MediaMVP remote control programming question
  3. Live TV doesnt work at all
  4. GB-PVR MVP unable to contact server
  5. NAS Support?
  6. pls clarify something for me?
  7. Convert .vob to .mpg for MVP
  8. Skip problem
  9. Character "" problem
  10. Is one NMT better than the others?
  11. MEDIAMVP, cant locate GUI server
  12. New to gbpvr
  13. Vista 64, MVP & GBPVR: guidance needed
  14. mdapi / encrypted channel not working
  15. Second hand MVPs new Popcorn Hour?
  16. XBox 360 vs. NMT
  17. Replacing my old MediaMVP
  18. combined NMT and SAT reciever
  19. PCH won't connect after install of hard drive
  20. Converting .avi to .mpg for MVP use.
  21. MediaMVP, or popcorn hour with gbpvr or other media extenders.
  22. win 7 x64 PCH problem
  23. Cant rember PCh port number.
  24. MVP reboots with video library on slow USB drive
  25. Replacement MVP PSU (UK)?
  26. no sound or video but everything else working!
  27. MVP not connecting to server
  28. any issue runing pch stuff on gbpvr server?
  29. New to MVP/GBPVR.. Q about 'custom tasks'
  30. MVP -webcam viewer not updating image
  31. Are There Issues With Having Two GBPVR Servers on a Network?
  32. MVP and DTV Transition
  33. 2 MVP`s for sale
  34. Ubustream on the MVP.. anyone using it ?
  35. Can comskip be used with NMT?
  36. New Router
  37. Using 2 routers, MediaMVP can't find Server
  38. MVix Ultio, PCH replacement??
  39. UBUNTU as GBPVR NMT client
  40. Wireless MVP does not play video
  41. MVP wont play H264 mp4
  42. PCH 110 SVideo with Analog TV
  43. PCH A100 vs Egreat
  44. Live nasa tv streaming...
  45. Trying ffdshow as transcoder to MVP
  46. MVP stuck in Live TV after rewind
  47. How to change PCH remote functionality
  48. GBPVR menu on the PCH
  49. PCH Questions
  50. Things for MVP users to do after GBPVR upgrade
  51. OSD on NMT
  52. NAS and MVP
  53. 1.4.7 + MVP + long file names = reboot?
  54. 1.4.7 + MVP problems
  55. Supported Media Extenders
  56. intermittent PCH connection problem
  57. Strange behavior with PCH & two GB-PVR Installs
  58. MVP user experience
  59. Cannot load dongle.bin.config
  60. PCH questions no skip no reverse + what in gbpvr html to use?
  61. Where can I buy a MediaMVP
  62. The David Box
  63. NMT Request cannot be processed when access GBpvr (Egreat M34A)
  64. No TV on mvp?
  65. Refubished PCH A-100 are Back!
  66. Best connection, PCH A-110 to CRT TV with RGB Scart
  67. No audio on NMT (when watching LiveTv or RecordingTV)
  68. Dragon Tech ioBox 100HD NMT work with GBPVR?
  69. What is Name of the MVP Server?
  70. Understanding Popcorn hour
  71. mvpmc.org problems
  72. "Request cannot be processed"
  73. some .avi in sync, others not?
  74. Weird new MVP problem
  75. Help - GBPVR A100 PCH NMT & DVD ISO
  76. Refubished PCH A-100 - Success and a Question about setting up 4:3
  77. New A-100 user
  78. movie wall skin?
  79. DVD with NMT
  80. New MNT - Recomendations
  81. No screen saver on MVP when paused
  82. MVP can't find Videos location
  83. TV Guide Freezes
  84. WinTv7 transcodes only in PAL? Is it possible to change it the NTSC?
  85. AVCHD and PH A-100
  86. Hisense 1080p Media Player
  87. Problem with MVP and wireless router
  88. Is it possible to change Quick Record defaults?
  89. Odd audio at MVP with some mpegs
  91. Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-USB2: Recordings take too much space
  92. Refurbished Popcorn Hour A-100's are back (12/7)
  93. EGreat M34a and Hdpvr live streaming
  94. NMT install: Request cannot be processed
  95. Config won't load plugins after NMT install
  96. Popcorn Hour C-200 and GB-PVR
  97. Egreat no video or audio
  98. Idiot question here (MVP & NMT tab)
  99. MVP and Mpeg formats
  100. Danish Characters force Reboot of MVP
  101. No streaming video - PCH & GBPVR
  102. resume on h.264 ts recordings
  103. Client connectivity to PC monitor with no PC?
  104. Noobie Questions about PCH and GBPVR
  105. Egreat M34a takes over a minute to start - is this normal?
  106. Challenge installing mvpmcx2
  107. New to MVP- configuration questions
  108. GB-PVR Startup Problem
  109. Can't wait to buy a PCH C-200
  110. Question about watching videos
  111. Video stutter with M34a and GBPVR
  112. Nmt / mvp?
  113. Control MediaMVP using PC
  114. Firewall Ports on Router
  115. Argosy HV372T Mobile Video HDD Media Player
  116. Random skipping on playback with PCH a100
  117. Watching .TS files on my MVP, not in GBPVR emulation mode
  118. Freeze to black screen when stopping wmv, mkv, some avi files
  119. Windows 7
  120. MVP stuck at "Loading Application"
  121. I'm VERY impressed with NMT and GBPVR, that you devs!
  122. Any compatiblity issues with PCH A100?
  123. Current status of GBPVR, PCH
  124. NMT/HD-PVR question and Only 1 MVP server
  125. Two MediaMVP's......Need a Good Home.
  126. Question about Recording Formats
  127. Step-by-step instructions on how to get PCH A100 to wake the GBPVR PC?
  128. Much Thanks!
  129. Egreat Won't Play Back Programs
  130. MVP - Checking Connectivity
  131. Converting net videos to mpegs for the MVP
  132. Kicked back to nmt at idle
  133. Hauppauge MediaMVP-HD support
  134. MVP Died, looking for a replacement
  135. Want to start using a NMT or Hauppauge Media device. Suggestions?
  136. MVP's suddenly refuse to display TV Guide
  137. N-PVR and MVPs ?
  138. N-PVR and newer NMTs -- where do I go from here?
  139. Which Dongle with NPVR?
  140. NMT Syntax Checker?
  141. Hauppauge running MVPMC stops without apparent reason
  142. Will an EGreat EG-M34A or a Popcorn Hour A-110 solve my fast-forwarding issues?
  143. PCH with GBPVR running not able to access network shares on Windows Home Server (WHS)
  144. MediaMVPs and PVR500s -- need a good home
  145. Odd occurrence of show automatically speeding up and running at its own speed on NMT?
  146. EGreat Installation troubles
  147. Which version of GB-PVR would you recommend for use with MVP?
  148. MVP will not show the files
  149. Egreat EG-M31C
  150. Video problem on mvp
  151. Hauppauge Remote Control issues with MVP and nPVR
  152. egreat m34a says npvr server has no content
  153. Problems with 2 eGreats (for HD and SD TVs)
  154. PCH not working
  155. MVP For Sale
  156. Wireless MVP - not getting IP number
  157. How do you reset a MVP? AKA factory reset
  158. MVP screens being cut off on 4:3 TV
  159. MVP / GBPVR - just got a 1080p LCD tv..
  160. New A100/A110 firmware
  161. No Playback via MVP on NPVR....
  162. Help - I screwed somthing up
  163. help please to set up my nmt
  164. MVP suddenly stopped working
  165. 2 MVP's for sale
  166. Dusting off the old MVP's
  167. No video with PCH on New Win 7 install
  168. upgrading from pvrx2(gbpvr) to Npvr on popcorn hour
  169. MVPScreenPosition under NPVR?
  170. NMT Help again
  171. Hauppauge MVP-HD
  172. NMT not getting NPVR
  173. Suggestions for converting DVDs to MPG for MVP playback
  174. DVD's on MVP (playable?)
  175. MVP keeps rebooting
  176. NPVR 1.5.36 & MVP no videos or folders listed on MVP, but they are on NPVR
  177. PopcornHour A100 off with Harmony
  178. Current Status Re:NPVR and MVP Functionality
  179. NMT A100 Frimware Release - 03/31/2011
  180. NMT A100 stopped playing video
  181. Extremely sluggish PCH Menu and then won't play file?
  182. MVP Crashes when Play All in directory
  183. NMT screen resolution with NMT
  184. MVP comskip support
  185. Which NMT?
  186. Starting with mvpmcx2 which install???
  187. I broke the PCH
  188. MVP Help - Analog playback OK, HD playback missing video
  189. MVP Crashes when playing some video files
  190. Just a thanks ...
  191. Refurbished A110's
  192. MVP Installation
  193. telnet to PCH does not work
  194. Colours wrong on PCH-A110
  195. NMT cannot connect to mvpmcx2
  196. NPVR playback of recordings over MVP severely pixelated
  197. MVP remote
  198. FF/rewind?
  199. Stuttering / Freezing on PCH-A100 but OK on PC Playback?
  200. Screen settings for HDTV
  201. NMT hit or miss
  202. TS playback problem
  203. PCH too hot
  204. 20 second loop
  205. No audio for avi on nmt
  206. Audio sync
  207. No audio NMT - solved.
  208. No audio on MKV files on the PCH
  209. Popbox V8 now available in North America
  210. Five Port Router
  211. Upgraded to NextPVR and now having problems with MVP configuration
  212. Change FFMPEG commandline
  213. Anyone in the US have PCH A-100 they are willing to sell?
  214. PCH video problem with UK HD channels
  215. Installation next pvr on Dune HD smart D1
  216. New Router, broke my NMT/NPVR !
  217. Is there an MVPPosition equivalent for NPVR?
  218. MVP Sound Issues
  219. MVP Stutter and stop
  220. Extender Rollback...
  221. NMT Booot to NextPVR Visual
  222. Emulation on MVP only works w/o MVPSpecificSettings?
  223. Hauppauge MediaMVP-HD
  224. Can NPVR make use of NMT with internal HD?
  225. Media MVP Question -- Restrict Guide Channels
  226. Problems with HDX-1000
  227. Delete button does not work
  228. Any one used OpenRemote to control GB/N-PVR?
  229. Troubleshooting if NMT is failing or another error?
  230. NMT not loading NPVR
  231. MVP 86001 and NPVR
  232. Does not exit gracefully to NPVR menu for does downloaded Youtube MP4s played on PCH
  233. MVP and NextPVR restrictions
  234. NMT not Loading NPVR (me too LOL)
  235. MVP setup help pls
  236. PCH Skip/Rewind Buttons Not Working Durring Playback
  237. PCH A-110's not loading NPVR after upgrade from 2.5.9 to 2.6.2
  238. MVP looping while entering emulation mode
  239. NPVR not loading via PCH-110
  240. Watch Live TV on PCH
  241. New question, everything is working great what to expand
  242. MVP's for sale (NEW)
  243. PCH Harddrive
  244. MVP transcoding?
  245. "Request cannot be processed" on Popcorn Hour A-110 with mvpmcx2
  246. Problems Playing on PCH-A100 but OK on the PC
  247. MediaMVP-HD
  248. Can this work on new Open Hour Chameleon
  249. Semicolons in file name won't play on NMT?
  250. Kodi on the NMT