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  1. Ideal Video Encoding for MVP
  2. Squirrelly video on MVP
  3. The Move from Analog to Digital
  4. Buying MediaMVP
  5. Powerline Ethernet Adapter for MediaMVP Recommendations
  6. Can watch live TV via MVP
  7. AVCHD on MVP
  8. MVP Crashes playing back recording
  9. DVB-S recordings on MVP sync
  10. MVP and Network Drives
  11. Minor issues with 1.2.9 Music Library
  12. Forum Name Change to MVP & NMT
  13. Annoucing mvpcx2 for the Syabas NMT
  14. Settings Problem on MVP 1.2.9
  15. LiveTV dies between shows
  16. Thoughts on new NMT Sub-Forum
  17. Choppy Playback on MVP
  18. MVP Centred Position moves after I change position?
  19. MVP loses contact with server
  20. live tv problems
  21. Now the remote will not control playback
  22. transcode nto working
  23. is using an MVP easy?
  24. MVP and PCH
  25. GBPVR on PCH HTTP Server List
  26. Using MVP w/ Vista
  27. Contacting servers problem
  28. MVP and PVR 500 for sale
  29. Am I missing something with DivX playback
  30. MVP wont work with old computer - anymore - error log attached
  31. Video Library Control
  32. hangs at flash screen
  33. cropping the sides on live tv
  34. Dongle version utility - donglever
  35. MVP will not play video since 1.08 release
  36. MVP (remove hardware output) and input stuff (basic question)
  37. PCH & standard def content
  38. Amino AmiNET 110
  39. FF and RW does not work since upgrading to 1.2.9
  40. Mvp & Pch
  41. Display MVP in Network Neighborhood
  42. MVP and Vista does it work now?
  43. What is PCH & NMT
  44. MVP For Sale
  45. MVP problems (Live TV/transcoding)
  46. MVP not responding with GBPVR
  47. Net Radio Favourites and adding streams
  48. Beat this, 1.7Ghz CPU & 256Mb ram!
  49. Popcorn AH-100 and plugins?
  50. Pausing Live TV
  51. MVP won't play anything
  52. Media MVP boot issye
  53. Recommended Changes to the mvpmx2 Installation and Survival Guide
  54. MVP Hangs after upgrade to 1.2.9
  55. problem reading mediacenter files
  56. Setting up GBPVR with MVP problem
  57. Contacting servers
  58. H264 chapter skipping on the PCH
  59. Picture too big for TV
  60. "nr servers 2" makes very slow MVP connect
  61. High speed audio w/MVP
  62. Sound out of sync
  63. Problem watching recorded shows
  64. Difficulty testing Telnet
  65. Shortcut key to Recordings on the PCH?
  66. iPlayer .wmv files with PC and MVP
  67. playback quality on NMT
  68. Scart output to 3 component colours
  69. Must use Vista dongle w/1.2.13 on Win2k
  70. After 1.2.13 upgrade xrecord crashes MVP
  71. Between Programs
  72. 1.2.13 MVP no Search Guide Text
  73. net radio not working on pch
  74. Transcoding causes pc to shut down
  75. Can watch GBPVR in LiveTV and via TV Guide on PC, but not MVP/NMT
  76. Using cheap Panasonic powerline setup
  77. HDMI or Component on PCH - which best if any?
  78. 1.2.13 update resulted in slow menu animation on MVP only
  79. MVP TS transcoding config.xml bug.
  80. MVP liveTV not working
  81. WinTV-PVR USB2
  82. Does NMT port of GBPVR work on other devices than Popcorn Hour?
  83. mvp blank video playback screen (but menus work)
  84. MVP Problem
  85. Hauppauge remote - FF/RW instead of skip
  86. MVP restarts, when...
  87. Idle hands...
  88. MVP Live TV Inoperative
  89. Wireless MediaMVP Help
  90. Any way to automatically save MPG output file when transcoding
  91. 1.2.13 - out of synch after program change
  92. how do you start mvp with gbpvr?
  93. MVP not changing channel by entering numbers on remote
  94. Wake system from MVP ?
  95. MPEG problem with MVP
  96. Timeshift
  97. My HD and Digital TV FAQ for the MVP
  98. Query.
  99. Popcorn Failures
  100. Unable to use network shares in Video Library
  101. Poor Picture on LCD
  102. Looking to get an istar
  103. can't load dongle
  104. MVP Black screen on channel change
  105. Recordings breaking up on PCH but not live tv
  106. MVP noob help channel changing issue + emulation mode?
  107. Videos recorded with other programs
  108. 2008-08-18: A100 @ www.ibood.com 159,95 EUR
  109. Sometimes drops back to PCH menu at end of recording.
  110. MPEG FFW/REW issue
  111. NMT DVD Issues
  112. Using HIP with WinTV-PVR USB2
  113. Divx with 2 Audio Tracks - Switching?
  114. Alt firmware for MediaMVP Wireless to support WPA?
  115. MVP Power Supply Amps?
  116. MVP momentary looses connection
  117. Auto start and screen sizing ?'s
  118. I need two separate MVP servers, only one found
  119. No Skip (Most Times) on TS HD Recrodings
  120. No OSD via MVP?
  121. GBPVR (server) with PCH questions
  122. Roku Open Sourcing Software
  123. mvp subtitle sync
  124. MVP HD or NMT?
  125. DVD does not play on MVP/GBPVR
  126. HDTV Upgrade Plans
  127. Transcoding files times out before they begin
  128. Select server for NMT
  129. No fast fwd and rewind on mvp
  130. No Resume Option When Restarting Playback
  131. Screen Sizing 1080p
  132. MVP working fine for many months now transoding stops
  133. DVB subtitles on a PCH client?
  134. MVP Stopped Behaving With Live TV DVB-S
  135. MVP initial setup issues
  136. Problems loading dongle.mvpmc-20080726.bin
  137. MVP + GBPVR overview
  138. File Format to use with Media Server
  139. MVP Model Numbers
  140. Dark Colors Fix on MVP
  141. PCH setup problems
  142. PCH Cant watch Recordings
  143. Problems never end...
  144. MVP and german umlauts
  145. PCH & Harmony Remote
  146. PCH Low Volume
  147. PCH & Slick Skin
  148. Menu Jitter with 1.3.7
  149. Going Mad with PCH
  150. MVP transcoding with TS Mux
  151. MVP Screen Sizing Issues
  152. Livetv restart
  153. how do you use your MVP?
  154. One startup script
  155. AVI (MPEG4 XVID) File Plays OK on PC, MVP but Not OK on PCH (via GBPVR)?
  156. MediaMVP and D-Link DIR-628
  157. Homeplug MVP no router
  158. Is it possible movie Jukebox?
  159. Audio sync lost on skip
  160. Power cut now MVP keeps lossing connection
  161. Weather Plugin PCH screen update
  162. Couple of PCH questions
  163. MVP config.xml settings / incremental updates
  164. NMT Skin
  165. Blu-Ray & PCH
  166. Buffering - Could not play
  167. Turning off PCH
  168. MVP Transcoding
  169. FF Sound lost with pending recordings
  170. missing the place in recoring timer on MVP
  171. MVPShowExit ?
  172. MVP Restarting When Viewing Recording
  173. Whats happens when PCH buffer gets emptied
  174. Transcoded x264 choppy on MVP
  175. NMT GBPVR black screen....
  176. MVP rebooting playing a NAS Photo slideshow
  177. NMT Comparison on MPC Club
  178. PCH network share not working
  179. DVD Playing problems on PCH and MVP - OK on PC?
  180. Subs ok in PVRX2, not working in MVP
  181. Can't connect to GBPVR with PH
  182. GBPVR FIRST TIMER, losts of questions on PCH and Netflix Now
  183. Looking to buy PCH
  184. MVP reboots on certain gbpvr recordings
  185. HD Homerun, GBPVR and PCH
  186. Voodoo with resetting MVP?
  187. Cgi scrpt for mounting another popcorn
  188. Help I Messed Up
  189. No Sound
  190. MVP TS Files
  191. NMT questions
  192. mvp crash when playing mpg1
  193. Customize MediaMVP Remote
  194. PCH take a while to ship? Ebay prices?
  195. new mvp user lots of questions
  196. Gets IP but still unable to detect
  197. Another MVP newbie wanting to play dvr-ms
  198. 1.3.7 and MVP Problem
  199. Media MVP intermittant problems, any ideas?
  200. MVP skip and sound issues (1.3.11)
  201. Back to basics
  202. Hauppauge MVP Crashing on video playback
  203. Just Purchased MVP... Can't seem to get GBPVR to work.
  204. Does anyone want to buy a previously used MVP and Hauppauge Capture Card?
  205. PCH & GBPVR - still black screen
  206. MediaMVP doesn't boot from HTPC, does from laptop
  207. GBPVR crashes NMT using NMT firmware 090116
  208. I'm an idiot
  209. My PCH Died
  210. MVP & QAM - I've tried...
  211. Request cannot be processed
  212. PCH black screen when turning off
  213. Fast EPG Loading
  214. Cannot import EPG XMLTV
  215. MVP resets when trying to play video
  216. Which way to go with MVP and OTA DTV?
  217. Stutter on live tv and recordings vs mux & dongle
  218. No sound playing trailers or other .mpg files through mvp
  219. Random Disconnects
  220. How to make PCH to wake up GBPVE Server?
  221. Haup remote buttons remapped during video playback
  222. Script.cgi - how to reference another share?
  223. Buying Wireless MediaMVP
  224. Chicking MCP/NMT Server Service
  225. Help a Newbie with Helius MVP
  226. OTA DTV(ATSC) with MVP
  227. playing divx file on the PCH (and MVP too)?
  228. PCH died, trying to get MVP going
  229. LiveTV & ffmpeg MVP playback stops
  230. MVP on screen menu
  231. PCH after power on
  232. MVP skip/jump FWD/REW does opposite or nothing (quite often)
  233. MVP not redrawing (smearing) OSD when using subtitles
  234. Can only run one MVP at a time ?
  235. PCH Woes
  236. PCH Web Service
  237. Pch - gb-pvr - whs - hdhr
  238. One quick question about NMT + GB-PVR
  239. Using NAS with MVP and ZProcess
  240. Cannot connec with gb-pvr to MVP
  241. Audio Playback on the MVP
  242. PCH + GBPVR Disconnected
  243. USB-UIRT doesn't change channels with MVP but OK with PC?
  244. MVP + NMT w/ digital-only cable
  245. Wireless MVP is it useless
  246. Live TV is slightly stretched
  247. MVP issue after upgrade
  248. Moved MVP, now have stutter issues
  249. MVP now supports vista - can it be used in GBPVR?
  250. GB-PVR on HP Mediasmart Server - service not running