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  1. 1.08 watch while recording problem pvrx2 MVP
  2. MVP lan port dead
  3. DHCP issues
  4. MVP Issues with 1.0.8
  5. Live and Recorded TV will not play on MVP
  6. timestamp fix needed for Nova-T500?
  7. The MVP won't play Movies or Music
  8. BBC Radio on MVP
  9. mvp success
  10. need help mvp crashing
  11. 16x9 on MVP
  12. Changing skin keeps MVP from booting.
  13. MVP Does not start GBPVR
  14. Two MVP's : one 4:3 and one 16:9
  15. What antenna for the wMVP?
  16. High Def from MVP
  17. hvr1600 and mvp trouble no sound
  18. [1.08] Find all on MVP doesn't pop up show details
  19. Low Playback Volume from MVP ...
  20. Playing Some DivX Films Resets the MVP?
  21. Slow MVP contact, freezes on playing video
  22. I'm I missing something or is there a better way...
  23. MVP Rebooting Problem
  24. MVP Hangs during live TV
  25. New MVP user, need some help please
  26. Pvrx2 Only on MPV?
  27. 1.08 FF/REW don't work
  28. Max or recommended jpeg size for slideshow
  29. End of Recording, doesn't exit back to menu
  30. Just upgraded, can't access recordings via MVP
  31. Audio Video Sync (Nova-S and MVP)
  32. 1.0 Upgrade confusion
  33. Recording from MVP with PVRX2
  34. can you remind me of the codec I need
  35. unsure
  36. MVP server gone walkabout
  37. MVP Disconnects when recording finishes
  38. 1.0.16 MVP TV Guide?
  39. Is MVP revision 2.06 incompatible with the sw for rev 1 D3A?
  40. MVP "no network" logo after resume from standby
  41. mediamvp network interface with only 10 mpbs?
  42. MVP + HDMI output/input + new LCD = Puzzle?
  43. Can my MVP be loading an internal dongle?
  44. Can I play a DVD folder on MVP
  45. Transcoding anything crashes the PVRX2.exe service and restarts the MVP
  46. MVP letterbox??
  47. 4:3 on PC Monitor and 16:9 on MVP=>WideScreen TV
  48. Ideal settings for playing divx?
  49. MPV locks up when playing .MOV files
  50. Is it a good idea to run an MVP off a switch?
  51. Exit LiveTV, but service keeps recording
  52. No Live TV on the MVP
  53. Transcoding with fast-forward
  54. Can I operate the MVP off a client, rather than the server?
  55. MVP Disconnects without apperant reason
  56. My 1.X MVP Experience
  57. Help with MVP
  58. Mr Stupid with 10016 Build
  59. Not implemented yet??
  60. MVP dvr-ms playback
  61. 1.0.16 Crash on MVP
  62. MVP Goes Dark
  63. Cheapest way to connect MVP, With no spare ethernet sockets
  64. subtitle problem on mvp
  65. MVP Stuttering Issue
  66. Sub, got a 2nd MVP today
  67. My 1.X MVP Experience
  68. Multiplexer?
  69. Viewing what is shown on MVP locally?
  70. I give up - MVP remote commands?
  71. No tv guide in mvp
  72. does dongle.bin work w/ vista yet?
  73. Occasionally lose skipping ability on MVP
  74. Resolved Overscan Issue
  75. Do the Wireless MVPs work well?
  76. Green!
  77. My MVP was crashing because I didn't have a C:\Temp folder...
  78. MVP reboots when scheduling series recording.
  79. MVP OSD during Playback of recording in PVRX2 V1.0.16
  80. No Streaming Server Found
  81. MVP stops responding to remote off and on
  82. Need Expert Advice (Greeen...)
  83. Album Art
  84. mvpmc.org logo on screen, nothing else happens
  85. MVP restarting while watching video
  86. MVP's for sale $53.95 USD shipped (Ebay)
  87. Remote and overall use : GB / Hauppauge
  88. DIVX (AVI ) on MVP -Help
  89. Live TV Exits after each programme
  90. Server side real time transcoding
  91. v1.0.16: Auto-resume not working on MVP
  92. MVP and Vista not connecting
  93. MVP only shows black screen when playing mpgs
  94. ways to start mvp server
  95. No Audio on Some Channels - AC3?
  96. Wireless GBPVR
  97. Lost MVP server icon after 1.0.16 upgrade
  98. Is the timestamp glitch still an issue in 1.0.16?
  99. Some menus corrupt
  100. MediaMVP is successfully connected to this access point but is unable to obtain an IP
  101. MVP's on ebay 43.95 they ship to Canada!
  102. Recording HD in SD format
  103. nVidia Firewall issues with MVP
  104. Want to use a Wired MVP wirelessly with a router.
  105. MVP Contacting Servers
  106. Green image with MVP connected to Panasonic plasma
  107. differences between MVP and using EWA on a different computer
  108. MVP LiveTV
  109. Selling my MediaMVP w/optical output on Ebay
  110. MVP Vista Issue
  111. MVP and IR Blaster
  112. Two picture in one
  113. Config problems when selecting alternate skin for MVP
  114. recordings, videos and fotos stopped working
  115. gbpvr DHCP ?
  116. Update EPG from the mvp
  117. MVP playback bombs. Microsoft sorry.
  118. MPV disconnects when GBPVR stops or starts a recording
  119. MVP GBPVR Network Drive
  120. no zoom in picture library
  121. 1.0.16/MVP: gb-pvr screensaver stuck on
  122. Playing Webcasts on MVP
  123. Does MVP SCREEN POSITION plugin Work with New GBPVR Version
  124. Show freezes instead of closing at end of playback
  125. I can't enter menu of found shows to set them to record
  126. TV Guide - data on PC but not MVP
  127. Interested in MVP...
  128. Impact of video card on MVP?
  129. I can't control volume for Music
  130. Why can't I resume a stopped AVI stream?
  131. HD streaming via MVP?
  132. No audio
  133. Guide button for MVP 34-button remote?
  134. Problems with MVP
  135. MVP on subset 1, GBPVR on subnet 2
  136. aspect ratio....again
  137. MVP with Rebuild GBPVR v 1.0.16
  138. MVP reboots on LiveTV selection
  139. No Video Playback on MVP (black screen only)
  140. No Tuners Available on MVP
  141. Net Radio doesn't play
  142. MVP stutters when viewing recordings
  143. TaskImages displaying wrong on MVP
  144. Show Duration Line Overlaps Show End Time MVP 1.0.16
  145. MVP wont play video
  146. MVP Controls
  147. Optimum Size, bitrate etc for Mpeg playback
  148. Alternate menu for MVP?
  149. Newbie Woes - Cannot start MVP Server
  150. All channels are the same channel
  151. Trying to run 2 MPV's
  152. How do you Center MVP menu on TV screen?
  153. Networking questions
  154. MVP wireless DHCP
  155. Look to switch from MythTV
  156. MVP and Net Radio v1.0.16
  157. Remote control the PC and wtch through MVP?
  158. MVP Not Responding to Remote
  159. New MVP setup freezes on playback
  160. New MVP - network advice needed.
  161. Good transcode option for MVP-environment to save space
  162. Recording LiveTV when there pending recordings
  163. MVPLoadPluginsEarlier
  164. MVP Reset
  165. MVP Audio but no Video
  166. Music Library Play All
  167. MVP drops out playing live TV. Server issue?
  168. Can't access shared folder with MVP
  169. MVP Can't find streaming server
  170. Older equipment
  171. Comm skipping manaully with the remote?
  172. MVP crashing a lot tonight (1.1.5)
  173. MVP with Vista Home Premium
  174. Is this the new HD MVP?
  175. How to change TV Guide appearance on MVP?
  176. Convoluted mvp re-start after pc reboot
  177. Connection Loop
  178. How do I change display aspact ratio
  179. MVP locks up on "Live TV"
  180. Sage HD Media Extender
  181. Newbie Questions - DishNetwork, Multiple TVs
  182. File Format Support
  183. Sell my used mvp
  184. Is it worth upgrading to gigabit ethernet?
  185. divx file extension and mvp
  186. MVP won't start with firewall enabled - PVRX2 and recording service ARE exceptions.
  187. MVP: No IP Address; No streaming server
  188. Playing with GBPVR and the MVP
  189. MVP and LIVE TV
  190. MVP and Wireless Connection Issue
  191. DHCP Question
  192. 3- 4 MPV`s with homeplug network adaptors
  193. intermitent conectivity and screen alignment problems
  194. Media MVP won't work
  195. Got MVP up and working great BUT...
  196. "play all" not working via MVP
  197. EPG in Austria
  198. MVP and HD mpg
  199. dongle(s) loaded, network fine, but: huge lag
  200. Directly access 'Recordings' from remote control
  201. Stutter TV
  202. HD sleep mode causing MVP crash
  203. Newbie - Control MVP through PC
  204. Can't see LiveTV on TV with MVP
  205. Get Subtitles onto MPG file
  206. MVP Crashing
  207. 1.1.5 better than 1.0.16 with MVP
  208. Problems with Video Playback - MVP Reboot !
  209. Other stuff to run on an MVP?
  210. Remote Control Distance 6ft?
  211. No Sound on AVI
  212. Upgrade from 99.5?
  213. Play List-Play All
  214. How many MVPs on a network?
  215. Flac In MVP
  216. Is Hauppauge card required
  217. is mvp the way to go
  218. No Sound
  219. New boy needs help
  220. throughput problems
  221. mvp mpg problems
  222. Replace PVR with Emtec Movie Cube?
  223. mvp/netradio disconnect
  224. Remote lockout
  225. MVP and screensaver
  226. Telnet to MVP - IP address?
  227. Mp3 Problems
  228. Playing Xvid on MVP
  229. Commercial auto skipping but on only 1 MVP
  230. Missing C:/Temp - Playing DivX/XVid resets MVP
  231. MVP skipping in the wrong direction
  232. Jump to point in show
  233. Multiple Computers, Single MVP
  234. Longer Connection Time
  235. Multicast on the mvp
  236. Divx/Xvid VS MPG
  237. WinTV Nova T USB2 + MVP
  238. Problem changing channel on MVP
  239. Network problem with MVP`s
  240. Got kicked out of emulation mode during slide show
  241. MVP controller & config changes
  242. Is remote reboot of MVP possible?
  243. Can you play DVDs on a MVP
  244. New H4 won't let me change dongles
  245. config.xml cross-reference for MVP
  246. MVP live HD TV
  247. Dongle resets
  248. Possible solution to Vista dongle.bin problem?
  249. Problems with ff/rw skip fwd/bck
  250. No Sound on MVP