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  1. Alternative MVP remote
  2. Advice : How to best rip DVD for MVP playback
  3. maximum MVPs it can support?
  4. Audio goes through pc boxes with AviSynth?
  5. Random MVP restarts with message: "Failed to locate GUI server"
  6. which channel am I watching ?
  7. MediaMVP On Tom's Hardware Guide
  8. Dongle recommendations
  9. Playing video on MVP gives Hauppauge overlay image
  10. what is a media mvp ?
  11. MVP connection resets frequently
  12. MVP drops connection
  13. AviSynth Batch Scripter
  14. MVP will not turn off
  15. Video stuttering
  16. MVP annoyance..
  17. MVP on wireless will not allow recorded programs to load
  18. Anyone try slinglink yet?
  19. Best Method for Playing AVIs
  20. GB-PVR won't load on TV through MVP
  21. MVP reboots on skip to end of watched (recorded) show
  22. Eliminate Hauppauge OSD during skip?
  23. Homeplugs & DivX Xvid on MVP
  24. MVP only works if I manually run GB MVP Server file
  25. Xvid And Ffmpeg Settings Pal/ntsc
  26. How to skip through large parts of show on MVP?
  27. Quick MVP Question.....
  28. MVP problems
  29. Different skins on each MVP
  30. What effects MVP picture quality?
  31. MVP Drops connection
  32. mvp and comskip
  33. MediaMvp\M402U recordings
  34. Setting up GB-PVR from the beginning...
  35. Live TV prob with MVP
  36. Page up/down in Music Library
  37. GBPVR on MVP and TV to the PC
  38. Viewing subtitles on an MVP
  39. Wireless MVP will not play recorded or live tv
  40. Pro's and Cons RE: the New Wireless MVP
  41. When the EPG doesn't load...
  42. MVP Remote - Jumping in Lists
  43. Previous Versions of GB-PVR
  44. Divx playback and converting
  45. Registering Cyberlink Mux breaks WMPlayer...
  46. Running applications
  47. What is the dongle.bin responsible for?
  48. Green hue or Black and White!?!?!
  49. Certain recordings cause restart
  50. MVP and Powerline Networking: Incompatible?
  51. 97.13 - MVP Quiet Sound Since Upgrade
  52. A word of warning...
  53. Help - MVP sync issues
  54. GB-PVR portable to the XBox 360 in the future?
  55. oneforall remote... mvp code
  56. av sync lost on skip
  57. Is this a platform for Hi-Def MVP?
  58. MVP remote direct channel number keypad access
  59. Unable to start MVP server
  60. 97.13 Upgrade and MVP FastForward Woes
  61. MVP - Loading application...
  62. trans2mvp.bat
  63. MVP will not stream MPEG recordings from PC
  64. questions about Hauppauge MediaMVP
  65. MVP & GBPVR boot process
  66. Multi-episde DVD2MPEG and MVP
  67. MVP "freezes" on start of programmed recording
  68. Apparently random recording success...?
  69. Little or no connection
  70. Contacting Servers Fails....
  71. Wireless MVP
  72. MVP Load Application hint
  73. Anyone using MENCODER instead of FFMPEG for transcoding AVI for MVP
  74. Recommendations
  75. dongle bin 25_24023.bin
  76. MVP v1.0 (on screen before boot) screen saver
  77. mvp & dvr-ms
  78. MVP and AVI's
  79. Rev H3 Yellow Hauppauge slider
  80. Bridge (Wireless Router) On Sale
  81. MVP Poor Picture quality & video seek problems
  82. Have to restart Hauppauge service after power cut?
  83. Alternatives to MVP for Wireless Media Sharing
  84. Not all bytes read error playing AVI files
  85. Exiting to Main Menu on Channel Change :(
  86. MVP flexibility questions
  87. Howto delete failed recordings?
  88. Which track is playing in music playback?
  89. Error in mvp connect
  90. Wifi Device failed to init and then reboots
  91. MVP resets after stopping .MP3 file.
  92. DVD button appears in GB-PVR but not on MVP ?!
  93. Wireless MVP in UK
  94. Divx (.avi) plays full size with 98.8
  95. MVP crash in 98.8b
  96. MVP Problem After Upgrade to 98.8
  97. MVP Visible Screen Redraw with 98.8
  98. My MVP is working great again! Thanks Sub!
  99. MVP Overscan only during video playback
  100. MVP H3 DVD playback problem
  101. MVP window problems
  102. Bargain
  103. playing video in main page window
  104. Pre-Play Delay Settings
  105. "Video in a Window" question
  106. GBPVR listed on Hauppauge site!
  107. MVP off of Client?
  108. mvp server 098.8b networking problem ?
  109. TCP/IP Optimization
  110. MVP won't play WMA files
  111. Wireless MVP
  112. BBC1 Live TV on MVP
  113. MVP - Larger font skin...
  114. Installing MVP software
  115. Provider not specified
  116. Power Outage Forces Restart of MVP/GBPVR Services
  117. Volume osd, mute not working
  118. MediaMVP - Linksys Wireless
  119. MVP WMV transcoding and display problem.
  120. MVP aspect ratio
  121. Basics about MVP & GBPVR
  122. MVPMC alternative
  123. MVP not showing recordings
  124. wMVP is wireless worth it?
  125. How to comskip old files?
  126. MVP won't play the sound on the WMV files
  127. MVP HD resolution?
  128. MVP slow to respond to remote
  129. Does server sound matter with MVP?
  130. New Dongle_33_24257b.BIN beta ...
  131. DVD Folder & ISO Playback on MVP
  132. With MVP, what server specs are important?
  133. ActiveMovie Window
  134. What's SUPPOSED to happen when....
  135. MVP installation
  136. MVP - SVideo via Scart
  137. mvp with wireless problems
  138. MVP: how does it work?
  139. MVP with Vista 5728
  140. MVP restarts
  141. mvp skips too far ahead during show play
  142. when pc is restarted mvp has to be rebooted since upgrade
  143. MVP and 16x9 TV
  144. Using GBPVR On MVP
  145. MVP Crash after watching recording
  146. Screen saver when video paused...
  147. latest Dongle
  148. MVP H3 no 16:9 w/ BenQ Flatscreen
  149. Fast Forwarding with the MVP
  150. Networked hard drive on a wireless MVP
  151. Direct from winamp to mvp?
  152. Moved Video Library Drive - way to refresh?
  153. MVP stutters for ~2 s at the start of every recording.
  154. Error when scrolling in TV Guide
  155. MVP Stops Responding to Remote Control During Playback
  156. OSD with latest dongle..
  157. my pictures - standard plugin
  158. Set MVP server to manually start
  159. Live tv on my PC across the LAN
  160. Updating Firmware on MVP
  161. High CPU usage?
  162. Will new MVPs work ok alongside older MVPs and older dongle.bins?
  163. Edit Recordings Data?
  164. MVP failure to boot
  165. ver 98.13 - Received unknown request of type: xx & MVP Timer Refresh error
  166. is there a new dongle.bin with 98.13
  167. Alternative to the MVP? (It's Possible)
  168. mvp and commercial skipping
  169. Poor performance with MVP
  170. MVP - bleed through of NextRecording Panel
  171. Exiting Live TV
  172. Choppy Playback on Main PC When MVP Server is running
  173. Bad anti-flicker with recent dongle
  174. IP Address Help
  175. Skipping problem with mpeg2 file converted from dvr-ms
  176. MVP OSD Refresh
  177. Automatically start LiveTV
  178. powerline ethernet 85mbit with mvp
  179. Stuck at Menu
  180. How stable is Live TV with the MVP?
  181. Using MVP with a BDA
  182. WMV playback on MVP
  183. live tv playback problems on MVP Help
  184. Can a viewer have MVP choose between two GBPVR servers on same lan?
  185. Widescreen switching
  186. loading multiple dongles on mvps
  187. audio suddenly disappears
  188. Connect Mvp
  189. No Live TV with MVP
  190. The Media MVP Server doesn't start
  191. Multiple Remotes
  192. Transcodes to play on MVP: mp2 or mp3 audio?
  193. Minor MVP OSD nit pick
  194. my mvp crashes and restart randomly
  195. I must be missing something . . . awful quality . . .
  196. MVP Does Not Respond
  197. Problem with files with names with foreign characters
  198. Playing avi and wmv files on the MVP
  199. MediaMVP Unable to Detect...
  200. Transcoded AVI won't skip FF/RW like recorded TV
  201. Xbox as cheap alternative to MVP?
  202. Belkin wireless bridge cheap
  203. MVP Server crashes when exiting from LiveTV
  204. FM doesn't work
  205. Vongo/MVP
  206. MVP Transcode
  207. video black and white
  208. Wireless MVP Information Request
  209. Wireless Access Point Setup help needed
  210. Media MVP won't allow for 'Live TV' to be selected :(
  211. New Media MVP -- will not grab IP from router DHCP -- Help!
  212. Using MVP + GBPVR to navigate cable on demand menus.
  213. wMVP unable to detect server
  214. XDVD wont work
  215. MVP Remote Control
  216. config.xml, transcode commandline
  217. Playing other media files on MVP
  218. No Playback or LiveTV via MVP
  219. MVP setup... wondering about HiDef
  220. Never contacts server...
  221. MVP jirky Video Playback / Won't Playback Live Tv.
  222. MVP color issues
  223. wMVP: 16:9 output?
  224. Very Basic Questions
  225. wMVP can not regain wireless connection after remote control "power off"
  226. MVP and Comskip Toggle
  227. Dumb Question Alert!
  228. little MVP server 'dos' box's
  229. Picture quality via MVP is disappointing :(.
  230. Media MVP Volume control on Remote Control.
  231. Evesham iPlayer
  232. How to debug slow response
  233. MVP Loses Network Connection
  234. MVP Power Supply
  235. MVP IP Address
  236. MVP vs. GB-PVR Client vs. Dedicated HTPC
  237. Exiting Live TV (continued)
  238. First timer really needs help!
  239. Two NIC's causing me internet problems
  240. MVP menus scroll only up and around not down?
  241. .99.5 & MVP Crashing
  242. wMVP menus but no picture or sound
  243. Is anyone using floppydtv and mediamvp with good results?
  244. MVP - How to play 16:9 movie on 4:3 tv?
  245. MVP Analog Audio Out Level Control
  246. AC3 support with the SPDIF output
  247. MediaMVP Remote Code?
  248. Which Dongle
  249. MVP Wake On LAN - Ready For Some!
  250. Configuration of directory order